EPISODE 168 | JUNE 12, 2024

An Insider Look at ‘Think Like a Brand Act like a startup with Lauren Perkin

Unlock the dance between agility and stability with Lauren Perkins, a seasoned founder, entrepreneur and author.  Lauren sits down with host Natalie Benamou and explores all things entrepreneurship.  Hear the behind the scenes story of her new book released June 11th ‘Think Like a Brand. Act Like a Startup’. Lauren shares her journey from journalism to community management and brand marketing. 

Dive into the lessons she’s distilled in her latest book and discover how understanding customer needs and creating immersive experiences can transform your business. Lauren’s expertise in scaling businesses across startup and corporate landscapes offers rich, actionable insights for entrepreneurs at every stage.

Join us for an episode filled with inspiring stories and practical advice designed to help you thrive, whether you're in the startup trenches or climbing the corporate ladder.


From Journalism to Startups: Lauren's Journey

Starting as a journalist, Lauren honed skills that became the foundation of her entrepreneurial ventures—curiosity, asking great questions, and staying unbiased. 

Transitioning into community management and brand marketing, Lauren found herself at the intersection of creating immersive, in-person customer experiences and adapting them for the digital world. Her journey took her from working with renowned brands like Nike and Crunch to helping tech startups understand and meet customer needs effectively.

The Power of Mentorship and One-on-One Interactions

One of the episode’s highlights is the discussion on the transformative power of mentorship. Lauren reflects on the initial hesitance many entrepreneurs face in seeking help due to past rejections. However, she underscores the importance of mentorship from both men and women in shaping her career. The episode also emphasizes the pivotal role of one-on-one interactions, even in an AI-driven world, in fostering human creativity and collaboration.

Key Takeaways:

Balancing Stability and Agility: Understand when your business needs stability and when it requires agility, and leverage the benefits of both to achieve success.

Customer-Centric Approach: Prioritize understanding customer needs and creating immersive experiences to transform your business.

Mentorship: Seek mentors and build meaningful one-on-one interactions to navigate entrepreneurial challenges effectively.

Adaptability: Be prepared to pivot and adapt, especially during crises, to ensure long-term success and sustainability.

Join us for this inspiring episode filled with practical advice and stories designed to help you thrive, whether you’re in the startup trenches or climbing the corporate ladder. Don’t miss out on the valuable lessons from Lauren Perkins’ journey and her latest book, ‘Think Like a Brand. Act Like a Startup.” available on Amazon

Favorite Quotes:

Think Like a Brand. Act Like a Startup.’ is about the dance between stability and agility, leveraging the benefits of both to connect deeply with your customers and create immersive experiences.”
-Lauren Perkins

“Balancing stability and agility is not about choosing one over the other. It's about understanding when your business needs the steadfastness of a big brand and the nimbleness of a startup to thrive.”
-Lauren Perkins

“In entrepreneurship, don't shy away from asking for help.” 
-Lauren Perkins

“The right mentors and one-on-one interactions can be transformative, helping you navigate complex relationships and leverage your strengths.”
-Lauren Perkins

“Leveraging big brand resources for startup growth isn't just about access to capital or technology. It's about creating a symbiotic relationship where innovation meets infrastructure to drive exponential success.”
-Lauren Perkins

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About Lauren

Entrepreneurship is in Lauren Perkins' DNA. An expert at scale, she started and helmed multiple companies before pivoting to corporate innovation and venture building, helping thousands of startups and corporate innovations succeed. She’s best known as a General Assembly founding instructor, Columbia University entrepreneur in residence, Microsoft for Startups managing director, and the author of The Community Manager's Playbook.

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