Leadership Circles

Navigate change at every step of your career path with a small group of trusted advisors. Check-in once a month and grow together!

Leadership Circles

Navigate change at every step of your career path with a small group of trusted advisors. Check-in once a month and grow together!

Are you feeling isolated and alone in your career and personal life?HerCsuite™ Leadership Circles are formed to build a strong community that empowers one another. Our paths may be different, but we believe that influential leadership is molded in the presence of good company. Let’s find your entourage!

How It Works

We believe you are the result of the five people you surround yourself with, and that’s the motivation behind our Leadership Circles. The process is simple: we match you with the perfect group based on your career level and aspirations. There is a path for everyone. Your circle will soon become your most trusted advisors.

Every Circle includes executive level facilitators, coaches and outside speakers.

Get started today by choosing the circle that is right for you.


You have worked your whole career for this moment. It can feel a little unsettling to take the leap out of corporate life. You are never alone. Find What's NEXT for you:

  • Retirement and Investment Planning
  • Planning the next EPIC decade
  • Start a New Career Path

It all happens monthly with an Executive Certified Coach who facilitates authentic conversations. Surround Yourself With your own Advisors.

NEXT is following EPIC! the Women's Power Playbook by Carolyn Buck Luce. Every new member receives a copy.



Managing change has gotten harder and harder. You need advice from leaders who you trust at a moment's notice. Members of this circle are:

  • Active Executive Leaders
  • Vice Presidents
  • C-suite and Entrepreneurs

Each month, the session begins with high-level speakers doing a mini-TED style talk followed by facilitated peer-to-peer advice. 

Topics include burnout, managing mergers in a pandemic, leading hybrid teams, the economy, and business challenges.

It all happens in only 1 hour a month.  Surround Yourself with the right advices.  You belong here.


You are on the super highway to success. There can be bumps in the road and you need guidance on how to navigate through it all.  This leadership circle includes:

  • Emerging Talent
  • Managers to Directors
  • VPs, Coaches, Consultants

Monthly program with TED Talk style external speakers followed by a facilitated peer-to-peer advice session.

Maximize your future in only 1 hour a month.  You belong here.


Not sure which option fits you best?

Book a meeting with us, We're Here to help!

Getting Started Is EASY!

How is HerCsuite™ Different?

Everything is Accessible inside HerCsuite™ Platform and App

Leadership Circle FAQ's

We offer three levels that are geared for your career phase.  Accelerate is designed for women who are gearing up and leading through the Vice President level. Advance is focused on Vice Presidents, Board Members and C-suite level executives. Next is for women looking to change careers, leave corporate and find board of director roles.

Circles meet monthly for one hour. Each session starts with a speaker followed by facilitated peer-to-peer conversations.

We have members in our community who switch their engagement level based on their schedules.  All of the member benefits remain and you can jump back into a circle when your schedule permits.

Every membership is based on a yearly subscription with monthly or annual payment options.

Membership includes full access to the network, App, recorded programs, member networking events and monthly programs.  Executive coaching is available for members who are looking for added help and is separate from the annual membership.

While each member is unique, our members have landed big roles, changed careers, navigated difficult challenges, and secured their own circle of advisors who are with them every step of the way.

We provide ongoing personalized support from introductions to 1:1 calls with the Founder. Every member is a valued member of our community.

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