HerCsuite™ Memberships

HerCsuite™ is a simplified all-in-one-solution to help you achieve success in every phase of your career. While other mentoring and advisory programs are 1:1 based, we believe in the power of Community.

Therefore it all comes down to finding the right fit.

We offer two memberships to achieve success at all phases of your career:

Advisory Circles

Meet Your Board of Directors

$497/yr OR  $49/mo

Everyone needs a small cohort of 4-6 powerful women, who they can turn to for trusted advice. In fact in only 1 hour a month, you will be able to navigate change.

Advisory Mastermind Experience

  • Authentic conversations in a safe space.
  • Engage with other leaders and deliver new expertise back to your organization.
  • Access a powerful network of women leaders who offer actionable advice.
  • Monthly Leadership Events and videos available in the programs library.

Monthly Meeting Format

  • Advisory Meetings Are Virtual.
  • Mastermind Meeting Format: Meet and Greet, I need Help, Share an Article, Speak on a Topic.
  • Grow your business, expand your career options, and plan your legacy.

Connected Mentoring

$497/yr OR  $49/mo

Experience the difference with facilitated group coaching and small group breakouts.  Minimal time commitment of only one hour per month.

Mentoring Success Outcomes

  • Strengthen your role within your organization.
  • Develop skills for creative problem solving.
  • Feel greater optimism, experience career satisfaction and find work-life balance.
  • Grow your skills, expand your network, and plan your career success.

Monthly Meeting Format

  • Mentoring Meetings Are Virtual.
  • Format:  Facilitated coaching using our success pillars.

Why We Are Different

HerCsuite™ is simplifying career expansion and growth in one easy to use platform.  Access to every feature of the network is included for an entire year.

Members have everything at their fingertips with minimal time commitment of only one hour a month, to see real lasting results.

Our mentoring and advisory mastermind memberships include the strength of a community and powerful network of women who are creating change together.

Membership Benefits

Member Experience

Our community is a powerful network where women connect and engage to feel an increase in optimism, navigate change easier and find greater job satisfaction while planning career path.

All-Access Pass 

Everything is included in a yearly membership networking, mentoring and executive programs are easily accessible inside the platform. 

Joining Is Easy

Memberships start immediately with an easy one-step process and last for an entire year.

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