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Whatever your career phase, we have a program that will fit your needs.
All programs are one hour or less. Our high touch approach makes it easy for you to advance.


ACCELERATE – You are on the super highway to success. There can be bumps in the road and you need guidance on how to navigate through it all.

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ADVANCE – Managing change has gotten harder and harder. You need advice from leaders who you trust at a moment’s notice. You are not alone.

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NEXT – You have worked your whole career for this moment. It can feel a little unsettling to take the leap out of corporate life. You are never alone.

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ENTREPRENEUR – Entrepreneurs and Business Owners share best practices, gain insights and scale businesses together.

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BOARDS – Land your next board role and connect with executive leaders. This program is designed for every level.

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LIVE YOUR LEGACY – Your growth extends beyond work. Our women's health equity council is a cause for good.

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I Found My People

Once you get to a certain level, it gets really lonely. I have found to be around women at this career level really motivating and inspiring. I am not walking this professional path alone. I found my people inside HerCsuite® Network.”


SVP, ALEC Credit Union and Founder, Brave Women at Work

We believe that success is a result from the people we surround ourselves.

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