Find motivation and inspiration to embark on your own personal development journey.

Accelerate Program

Today's discussion was so helpful, the approaches people shared prompted me to be more intentional instead of going with instinct alone."
Madeline Onumbu
Accelerate Member

Advance Program

HerCsuite® is a great platform to build new networking relationships and amp your leadership skills and goals that take aim at the C-suite. It is truly a destination location with webinars, Mastermind circles, on-demand videos, and women who share their experiences and knowledge.
Ann Carter
Chief Procurement Officer, Dexcom
I’m enjoying the programs in HerCsuite®. The Circles are an excellent resource to help navigate when the path isn’t always clear. My HerCsuite® membership has given me a lot of opportunities to learn and grow from other women.
Lisa Agapis
Vice President, Director of IT Governance
Once you get to a certain level, it gets really lonely. I have found to be around women at this career level really motivating and inspiring. I am not walking this professional path alone. I found my people inside HerCsuite® Network.
Jen Pestikas
SVP, ALEC Credit Union and Founder, Brave Women at Work

Next Program

“Women elevating women - that's what HerCsuite® is all about! Elevating support. Elevating exposure. Elevating development. These are the things that cross my mind as I reflect on what HerCsuite® added to my world.

As a first-generation woman of color who chose to step away from corporate life to explore my 3.0 HerCsuite® and specifically Founder Natalie Benamou - gave me a place to go for stimulating conversations with smart, strong, accomplished women and opened the doors to opportunities for personal as well as business growth. If you haven't found the right fit for your networking needs, consider joining the HerCsuite® tribe - I'm so glad I did!”
HCS 105 | Leadership Ladder
Mylene Barizo
Founder, Leadership Ladder
HerCsuite® was an eye-opening experience for me. It showed me that I'm not alone in this journey. It's a network of seasoned professionals who are either going through a similar journey or have successfully navigated through it. This realization was very enlightening and empowering.
Michelle Kois
President, M Kois Consulting

HerCsuite™ Boards Program

It’s been a great way to learn best practices for pursuing a Board seat.
Lesly Marban
Senior Vice President Intuitive Surgical and Board Director
HerCsuite® has been the virtual network that I needed exactly when I needed it, allowing me to reconnect with former female colleagues as well as new acquaintances – so we can all support each other to achieve our personal goals.
Cathy Skala
CEO Cruax, LLC, Board Director, Co-Chair HerCsuite® DEI Council

Entrepeneur Program

I love the HerCsuite® Entrepreneur Circle – the women in the group have become such an important part of my personal board of advisors. This group is like home. They support me through the ups and downs of running my business.”
Bobbie Carlton
CEO, Carlton PR, and Innovation Women

Corporate Group Programs

HerCsuite® platform is much easier to use and create connections. Now more than ever, people are so busy, ease of use is really important.
Melanie Neal
Vice President, Terumo BCT
The breakout sessions were invaluable. It allowed us to actually practice the wonderful tips that have been shared. Many thanks to all of the guest speakers as well!
Corporate Mentoring Participant
It was an absolute pleasure meeting the participants and learning from the speakers and moderators.
Corporate Mentoring Participant
The program was amazing.
Corporate Mentoring Participant
HerCsuite® platform is the perfect solution for our mentoring program to drive synergies across Empower organizations, while also giving volunteers the ability to simplify the mentorship process and add value to participants.
Gena Tesla
Vice President, ESG Coupa Software

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