We help women achieve success in every phase of their careers.

HerCsuite™ all-in-one platform gives women a mentoring and executive framework for personal and professional growth.

Welcome to Your Power Of One

Everything in one place to help women in all career phases stay engaged,
feel more optimistic and have greater job satisfaction.

How It Works

Members access mentoring, advisory and programs that help them stay engaged and thrive together inside a strong network community.

Mentoring Made Easy

Monthly Group Coaching

• Program follows Success Framework
• Breakout groups encourage networking
• Success framework handouts
• Improved work-life-balance
• Mentees feel greater sense of Optimism

Executive Advisory Circle

Executive Advisory Cricles

• Personal Board of Directors
• Curated Circle of 4-6 Women
• Navigate personal & professional decisions
• Accountability partners ensure success
• Feel greater job satisfaction

Better Way To Network

Accessible To All Members

• Personal introductions
• New business opportunities
• Only positive messaging
• Members achieve career recognition

Career Success Framework

Just-In-Time Monthly Coaching

• On-demand programs
• Self-Empowerment
• Interpersonal Strength
• Organizational Influence
• Beyond Work

Membership Benefits

Member Experience

Our community is a powerful network where women connect and engage to feel an increase in optimism, navigate change easier and find greater job satisfaction while planning career path.

All-Access Pass 

Everything is included in a yearly membership networking, mentoring and executive programs are easily accessible inside the platform. 

Joining Is Easy

Memberships start immediately with an easy one-step process and last for an entire year.

Choose Your Path

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Advisory Circle

Designed for Executive Women who navigate decisions, grow businesses, and discover c-suite opportunities


Designed for Women who are emerging talent and rising leaders looking to expand and grow professionally.

What Members Are Saying

Corporate Programs
We offer personalized solutions. Let's talk.

Corporate Programs.

Find out how we can help your organization increase employee engagement and talent retention.

Perfect for companies who want to create a new or add on to an existing mentoring program.  Our platform need simplifies communication for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

  • Ready-Made Networking Program
  • Reduce Turnover Costs
  • Increase employee optimism, engagement, and job satisfaction
  • Customized Mentoring Solutions
  • Private Customized Corporate Page with Groups, Resources and Programs

How We Are Different

HerCsuite™ is simplifying career expansion and growth in one easy to use platform. Unlike other programs, everything is included and accessible all in one place. Mentoring and Executive Programs last for one year. 

Companies benefit by offering women a platform that gives them everything at their fingertips, and only requires one hour a month to see real lasting results.

Our mentoring program helps companies attract, engage and retain talent.

When women go it alone, here is what happens*...

51% Are Less Optimistic About Their Career
57% Say They Will Leave Their Job Within 2 Years
77% Experience an Increase in Workload
HerCsuite™ is the solution for women to have professional support and employers to retain female talent.

Our Why Belongs to All Of Us.

We believe when women feel valued and have greater
career satisfaction, the entire community thrives.

Our Mission
We want to transform the way women experience personal and professional growth in the workplace.

Our Vison
Create a new way companies support women to reduce burnout and increase optimism, job satisfaction, and achieve success on a large scale.

Together we can make change
happen if we change how we go about it.

Natalie Benamou, CEO & Founder

Become an Insider

As the Founder of HerCsuite™, I created this platform with you in mind and can’t wait to have you be a valued member!


Natalie Benamou, CEO & Founder

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