We are HerCsuite™

A powerful network of organizations and savvy women who are on a mission to make a lasting impact together.

After months of speaking with women and their organizations, the great resignation became more and more real. Inspired by these statistics, we created an inclusive community where every member feels valued.

The Stats That Impact All of Us: Over 25% of women left the workforce in 2020*. In a 2021 Deloitte study* 77% of women surveyed said their workload increased since the start of the pandemic.

HerCsuite™ is a simplified way to help organizations support female employees and members. Other organizations may say they want to advance and empower women, for the founder of HerCsuite™, it is personal mission.

Flash forward to today. This moment, sharing my story with you.

I bet at some point during the pandemic women in your organization felt all alone.  Whether it was yourself, women on your team,  at some point you may have wished wished you had a mentor, or as a leader, you didn’t have that trusted advisor you could share your true challenges, personal or professional.

Creating HerCsuite™ was in response to the great resignation and the need to help organizations find new ways to offer women the support they need.  It is for professionals, organizations, female memberships and for women leaders. 

This last year would not have been possible without my ” friendtors” (friend-advisors).

Everyone needs a support network. Whether you a professional woman, or lead an organization, I hope you will join us.

From Passion to Purpose, Making An Impact Is My Why.

Last year, when Covid hit, the career I knew for 29 years would change forever.
When trade shows were all being cancelled…I started listening.
Women shared how they felt alone, didn’t have anyone they could trust to get advice from, and simply put-they were overwhelmed.
When I served as President of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) of Chicago, I discovered that my passion was to lift women up. Turning that passion into purpose, I created HerCsuite™, an online platform for mentoring and advisory programs for women and their organizations.
Relationships are everything.  Many of my clients were with me the duration of my career-yes, 29 years-that is a lot of growing together!
It is thrilling to have the opportunity to serve previous clients in a new way.

Get to Know Natalie Benamou, Founder, HerCsuite™

I have always had a ‘serve first’ approach to life and have held executive board roles.  It has been an honor to be an advisor and mentor to senior business women as well as being President for three non-profit boards, including the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) Chicago and am a co-founder of an animal rescue, A Heart for Animals.

You may have heard how habits are the foundation of successful leadership.  I start every day first with a great workout and read articles, take courses all so that I can serve the community.

Turning passion to action has been the inspiration for creating HerCsuite™ membership platform. I  feel strongly that all women should feel valued, and it is our role to create a lasting legacy for the future.

Sharing knowledge, I host HerCsuite™ Radio for Women Leaders on the Move with the goal of helping women take a break from business schedules.

Do you have an upcoming event? Reach out for speaking engagements and podcast interviews.

Meet The Team

Adaptable and versatile, with a flair for all things creative, beautiful & functional. Meghan is passionate about gender equality in all aspects of life, and can't wait to empower women through HerCsuite™.

Meghan Draper
Creative Director

As an executive coach, Laurie's mission is to put a smile on corporate America.

Laurie Wessels
Executive Coach

I have a passion for supporting founders & business owners on their journey. I support businesses in unlocking their potential by building strong operational and financial strategies. I offer consulting services, business coaching, and workshops.

Natalie Cook
Fractional CFO

Connecting people is my passion. I am a networker, non-profit Board Member and volunteer for a number of professional business organizations. Along with, having over 20 years of experience as an Executive Business Development Specialist.

Nancy Reid
Executive Director, Member & Program Engagement

I am a passionate about helping others and building community. I'm motivated by knowing that at the end of the day, 'the best is yet to come'. I'm grateful for every new day to show up in this world.

Julie Deem
Media & Podcast Editor

I served in a long career of leadership roles for Johnson & Johnson over the past 35 years. I am excited to be on to my new role of helping women and serve as an advisor to HerCsuite™.

Eliza Gonzalez
Diversity, Equity and
Inclusion Advisor

Together we can make change
happen, if we change how we do it.