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Navigate change at every step of your career path with a small group of trusted advisors. Check-in once a month and grow together!

Gain A Competitive Leadership Advantage

Facilitated Mentorship is designed to advance and engage women in the Mid Career level from rising to emerging Leaders.

Every Circle includes executive level facilitators, coaches and outside speakers.


Program Overview


Success Formula

Ready-to-implement programs use a three-step approach that ensures your organization can maximize results. This success formula is applied to everything we do and is designed for women to gain outside thought leadership and peer-to-peer learning.

High Level

Every program includes a high level speaker.

  • Subject Matter Experts kick off every Mentoring Circle Meeting
  • Participants gain access to top thought leaders

Executive Coach Facilitated Mentoring

Facilitated leadership development sessions follows every speaker session.

  • Peer-to-Peer Learning Experience
  • Authentic conversations lead to positive outcomes


Quarterly reviews provide essential feedback.

  • Organizations learn top-of-mind participant concerns 
  • Ability to align feedback to the goals of the organization

Choose the Circle that is right for you

We hear from so many leaders how they are over worked and under resourced.  Our programs use a success framework that is ready to implement.  Get measurable results inside our easy to use network hub and app.  

You are on the superhighway to success. There can be bumps in the road and you need guidance on how to navigate through it all.
  • Rising Leaders
  • Managers and Directors
  • New Vice Presidents

Managing change has gotten harder and harder. You need advice from leaders who you trust at a moment’s notice.

  • Senior Executives
  • Vice Presidents
  • C-suite Leaders

You have worked your whole career for this moment. It can feel a little unsettling to take the leap out of corporate life. You are never alone.

  • Retirement Planning
  • Create Your Next Decade
  • Start a New Career Path

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners share best practices, gain insights and scale businesses together.

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Coaches
  • Business Owners
  • CHRO, CDO, HR and ERG Leaders
  • Share challenges in a safe space
  • Connect with other DEI leaders

Land your next board role and connect with executive leaders. This program is designed for every level.

  • Experienced Board Directors
  • Private to Public Boards
  • Lead Your Own Corporate Board


Impacting Female Retention

“For every woman at the director level who gets promoted to the next level, two women directors are choosing to leave their company.”


Women IN The Workplace 2022 LEANIN.ORG

Program Topics

All of the benefits of having a mentor without the stress of planning content, agendas, and follow-up. Our mentoring program facilitators are senior executive leaders with more than 20 years of experience in leading teams and organizations. All programs are six months and are based on these three pillars that develop leaders from early to advanced career stages.


  • Speed Over Perfection
  • Ability to Fail Fast
  • Communicate Role Clarity in Meetings
  • Empowering Teams to Move at the Speed of Change


  • Decision Quality
  • Ensures Accountability
  • Drives Results
  • Win Leadership Buy-In


  • Courage Under Fire
  • Instill Trust
  • Collaborate with Others
  • Effective Communication

Speaker Programs

Every Facilitated Mentorship Program includes Four 1-hour Virtual Program that are available to all Participants.

Leadership is about being secure in who we are, what is our purpose and how it can influence up and down the organization.

  • Get clear on your purpose
  • Learn how to define your purpose.
  • Use the power of purpose to stay calm in the eye of the storm with your purpose as your anchor.
  • Let your voice be heard through demonstrating your purpose.

We all have the power to influence the world around us and the outcomes in our careers. 

  • Recognize how to adjust your messages to be heard.
  • Learn how to effectively negotiate in any situation.
  • Create allies in your organization and effectively lead a transformation initiative.

Leaders understand that in order to create transformation, you need to first start with understanding the culture, the direction, and who the key stakeholders are to implement change.

  • Recognize how people hear your voice
  • Learn how to effectively negotiate in any situation.
  • What it means to own your voice if you are one of the first, the few, the only.

Choosing your path includes building a network of strong allies and champions.

  • Identify how you can expand on your strengths
  • Find avenues inside your organization that will lead to growth
  • Create an intentional network plan for cross-organization exposure

HerCsuite™ has been the virtual network that I needed exactly when I needed it, allowing me to reconnect with former female colleagues as well as new acquaintances – so we can all support each other to achieve our personal goals.”

Founder and CEO




Inside Our Private Network Hub

Easy to access simple to use.

LMS video library of all past programs

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Expand your internal and external connections with access to women in our network hub 

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Zoom Integrations for meetings and programs 

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Mobile App makes it even easier to stay connected

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Access to your private network group.

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Special events and access to coaches when you need it.

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Leadership Development Program FAQ's

Our ready-made solution takes minimal time for organizations to implement.  Mentee matching to circles, creating user profiles and onboarding is all done for you.

We have reward tracking built-in so you know how often mentees are accessing resources. There are ways to incentivize recognition between members inside each mentoring circle.

HerCsuite™ has an easy-to-follow 7-step implementation plan to match mentees online, establish monthly topics, assign accountability partners and upload participants to the platform.

Each mentor circle has a professional mentor assigned who leads monthly 1 hour conversations featuring topics from our mentoring framework: self-empowerment, interpersonal strength and organizational influence.

Programs are for 6 months.

Developing your talent at every career level ensures that there is a plan when executive leaders retire.

Each program is designed for 50 mentees or more.

Program pricing depends on the number of participants.  Schedule a call to discuss the best program for your organization.


Executive Leader Programs

Leading teams and organizations through today’s business environment is complex. Senior women need advice from leaders who they can trust at a moment’s notice. Each month, participants hear from high-level speakers followed by a facilitated peer-to-peer discussion to solve their most difficult challenges.

Program Topics

Participant Benifits

Powered by HerCsuite™ Network Hub our Facilitated Mentorship and Executive Leadership Programs are easy to implement and provide a success framework to retain and engage top female talent.

Mentorship Program Overview

Facilitated Mentor Circle Format

Mentoring program content is designed for your mentees. Each month, we facilitate circle discussions based on three pillars. Mentees progress through the program with milestones in each pillar. Quarterly program reviews ensure your goals are achieved.

Program Experience

This program is designed for senior executive leaders and it offers women the opportunity to gain outside perspectives and apply advice to their roles in organizations.  

Benefits of this program:

According to Harvard Business Review, it costs an organization $350,000 to replace one executive leaders over 50.  Retain and engage your top talent with this program.

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