Driving Change By
Advancing MORE Women At Every Career and Life Phase With HerCsuite™

Driving Change By Advancing More Women At Every Career And Life Phase Inside HerCsuite™

Women Leaders Are Making Connections and Creating An Impact Inside Our Supportive Network Community.
Find the program that is right for you and start meeting your entourage today.

Individual Development

We believe you are the result of surrounding yourself with the right people.  Your career is on an arc, you choose the level that is the best fit and can adjust along the way.  We are honored to shout out our member’s names in rooms of opportunities. Choose the program that fits your goals here.

Designed for Rising Leaders and Emerging Talent ready to take on the world!

Created for Executive Women who need a safe space to feel inspired and share their toughest challenges. It’s no longer lonely at the top.

Inspired by women who are transitioning from corporate careers to new beginnings. Find out what’s NEXT for you. Decide the path that is your 3.0.

“Throughout my career, I have had such an appreciation for and truly benefited from my network and mentors. HerCsuite™ helped me to take this to the next level!”

Melanie Neal, Vice President, Commercial Excellence

Specialized Development

Your growth extends beyond work, and these three unique programs can be either an extension of your individual development or your only focus. As an individual HerCsuite™ member, all specialized programs are available to participate in.  All programs include our high level speaker and conversations are facilitated by executive women leaders who serve as Program Chairs.

Her Health Equity Council

Inspired by our own experiences as women, mothers, sisters, daughters and caregivers.  We believe all women deserve equitable access to healthcare.

  • Passionate Women
  • Doctors and Healthcare Leaders
  • Caregivers

DEI Cross Organization Council

Bringing together leaders across industries and organizations who want to learn from each other inside a DEI network of action takers.

  • Executive and HR Leaders
  • ERG Sponsors
  • Authors and Thought Leaders

HerCsuite™ Boards

Navigating board opportunities and being board ready is the focus of this powerful network of women who are landing their next board roles.

  • Private Board Directors
  • Public Board Directors
  • CEOs with Boards

Not sure which option is best for you?

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Group Development

We offer Mentorship programs designed for rising and executive leaders. Monthly programs include guided conversations with executive coaches and outside speakers. 

HerCsuite™ creates a customized private secure network hub inside our member platform giving program participants a safe space to meet, engage and share ideas.

We would love to hear what success looks like for you and how we can help you gain a competitive advantage by advancing more women leaders in your organization.

Rising and Emerging Talent Mentorship

Strong focus on helping women move past Director level and beyond. This program uses a three pillar format designed to help women advance and thrive in their careers. 

  • Self-Empowerment
  • Interpersonal Strength
  • Organizational Influence

Senior Executive Leader Mentorship

Leading leaders program for executive leaders who need support in their demanding roles.  The program follows a three pillar format.

  • Organizational Influence
  • External Network
  • Legacy Focus

HerCsuite™ Radio
Women On The Move Podcast

Take a listen to HerCsuite™ Radio interviews with inspirational leaders who share the arc of their careers and tips you can implement in your career and personal lives.

Join Our Alliance Partners

We are focused on creating massive change for women and can’t wait for you to join these amazing organizations.

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