We Are HerCsuite™

We started with the goal to make a real impact for women and their organizations.   

After months of speaking with women leaders and their organizations, the great resignation became more and more real for so many of you.  Over 25% of women left the workforce, as a result, according to a Deloitte report, 77% of women surveyed said their work load increased.  HerCsuite™ is a simplified way to help women have the support they need and it helps organizations retain talent.

Our Mission

Transform the way women meet, engage and thrive together in a new way that creates lasting change.

Get to Know Natalie Benamou
Founder, HerCsuite™

I have always had a ‘serve first’ approach to life and have held executive board roles.  It has been an honor to be an advisor and mentor to senior business women as well as being President for three non-profit boards, including the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) Chicago and am a co-founder of an animal rescue, A Heart for Animals.

You may have heard how habits are the foundation of successful leadership.  I start every day first with a great workout, followed by taking courses from business experts like Chalene Johnson, Marie Forleo, Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield, Hilary Johnson and Rachel Rodgers.  These two daily activities allow me to have energy and offer valuable resources to our members.

Turning passion to action has been the inspiration for creating HerCsuite™ membership platform. I  feel strongly that all women should feel valued, and it is our role to create a lasting legacy for the future.

Sharing knowledge, I host HerCsuite™ Radio for Women Leaders on the Move with the goal of helping women take a break from business schedules.

Do you have an upcoming event? Reach out for speaking engagements and interviews. 

Jen Guntner

I’m passionate about empowering woman to use their skillsets & knowledge to create an empire, all while supporting other women to achieve the same greatness.

Julie Deem

I am passionate about helping others and building community. I'm motivated by knowing that at the end of the day, 'the best is yet to come'. I'm grateful for every new day to show up in this world.

Laurie Wessels

As an executive coach, Laurie’s mission is to put a smile on corporate America.

Meghan Draper

Adaptable and versatile, with a flair for all things creative, beautiful & functional. I am passionate about gender equality in all aspects of life, and can't wait to empower women through HeCsuite™.

Mel Tash

A researcher at heart, I use my expertise and creativity to solve any problem that comes my way and am passionate about empowering women business owners to find their magic and share it with the world.

Nancy Reid

Connecting people is my passion. I am a networker, non-profit Board Member and volunteer for a number of professional business organizations. Along with, having over 20 years of experience as an Executive Business Development Specialist.

Meet HerCsuite™ Advisors & Members

HerCsuite™ Advisors and Members are CEO, CFO, CPO, CMO, CHRO, Senior Executive and incredible Thought Leaders who know how to get things done and want to create a lasting impact together.

HerCsuite™ is an official product of HerPower2 Lead 
© HerPower2, LLC 2021 all rights reserved – Privacy PolicyTerms of Service

HerCsuite™ is an official product of HerPower2 Lead 
© HerPower2, LLC 2021 all rights reserved – Privacy PolicyTerms of Service