6 Principles to Build Your Company’s Strategic Agility

Strategic agility is the ability to improve performance and thrive amid disruption. Companies that successfully navigated the covid-19 crisis identified when to deviate from their strategic plan and adapt to the changing environment. The authors identified three distinct strategies to do this: First, they were nimble enough to avoid the worst impacts; second, when they were hit, they were robust enough to absorb a lot of the damage; and third, they were resilient enough to accelerate forward faster and more effectively than their peers.

How to Get Your Team on Board with a Major Change

Most change management has shifted from a simplistic, top-down, “create a vision, change the structure, roll out the new program, and get buy-in” approach to more emergent, empowered and purpose-led approaches. But leading big, complex change is still a struggle – the rate of failure for transformation projects remains stubbornly high. The authors have seen both in their research and their work with clients that the missing ingredient is the ability to look for and work with deeper systemic forces. And they found the force that has been the greatest impact or change outcomes is human’s primary need to belong. The authors present four strategies for leaders to skillfully attend to people’s most primary need to feel secure in disruptive context.

2022 Organizational Culture Research Report

The rise of remote and hybrid work over the past few years has significantly impacted the way we work. As the workplace has changed, culture has too—for better or for worse. Organizations who have adapted their approach to culture successfully managed to keep their current employees engaged through periods of significant change. Alternatively, those who have been slower to evolve have experienced consequences of disengagement, burnout, and unwanted turnover. To move forward, leaders need to better understand the role that culture plays in attracting, retaining, engaging, and empowering talent. This report offers a fresh perspective of workplace culture to implement new strategies that will drive employee and business success.

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