Amplify Your Executive Presence with Neuroscience with Susan Harrow

In this inspiring and insightful interview, host Natalie Benamou sits down with Susan Harrow, media trainer, marketing strategist, martial artist + author of the best-selling book:

Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul® (Harper Collins). She specializes in working with women,  executives, entrepreneurs and innovators who solve the world's most pressing problems. For 33 years she’s trained thousands of people for TV, radio, panel, podcast + print interviews to get their message media ready to grow their reputation and ROI.

They discuss the importance of executive presence, the neuroscience of storytelling, and the power of confidence for women in every phase of their careers. Whether you are presenting to the boardroom, or find yourself in high-stakes challenging situations, Susan’s advice will help guide you to take the right path for yourself.

Listen as Susan and Natalie dive into techniques that will ground you and how the significance of language shapes our thoughts and actions. Discover how you can create your own unique stories, stay authentic, and captivate your audience to advance in your life and career. Don't miss this opportunity to learn valuable tips from Susan Harrow's 33 years of experience in helping women succeed.

7 Key Takeaways:

  1. Develop a strong mindset: Susan emphasizes the importance of believing in yourself and that you belong in every room. “Believe that you belong in every room.” -Shona Rhimes. Be sure you cultivate this mindset every day by mastering your thoughts and focusing on what you can contribute, rather than comparing yourself to others.
  2. Embrace your unique stories: Susan highlights the importance of women sharing their authentic stories and experiences in a way that only they can. Ask yourself ‘what is it that I have here come to give, versus the comparing and despairing, and start to develop your uniqueness and really honor it in yourselves in a deep way.’
  3. Practice for high-stakes situations: Susan advises role-playing and anticipating potential scenarios to be prepared for media appearances, boardroom meetings, and other high-pressure situations: “We want to anticipate not just the questions but this situation and how it makes you feel.”
  4. Set the tone and boundaries of a conversation. Susan suggests framing the conversation in a way that best represents you and your brand. She says, “We want to set the tone and the conversation ourselves. This is what I'm going to cover. This is how I'm going to do it. This is the big picture. Here's what I'm going to do. I'm happy to answer your questions.”
  5. Expand your energy before entering a room. Susan recommends practicing expanding your presence by imagining your energy expanding in all directions before entering a room or joining a Zoom call: “You can imagine yourself as a body of light, or stars, and do that before you enter the room.”
  6. Focus on language and thoughts. Susan emphasizes the power of language in shaping our thoughts and actions: “How we think is how we are in the world”.
  7. Prepare for unexpected situations. Susan encourages having a plan to go with the flow when faced with unexpected situations.

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