An Insider View of Female Angel Investing with Xandra Laskowski

Understanding Angel investing is important for all startups. Take a listen to this conversation with Xandra Laskowski and host Natalie Benamou, as they discuss An Insider View of Female Angel Investing.

Learn what you need to know as a startup and what angel investors look for and everything in-between. 

Xandra Laskowski is an angel investor and startup advisor with over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience with large multi-national tech companies, as well as startups as the founder investor advisor and board member, she's held positions as worldwide commodity manager and national major accounts, managerial roles, before moving into the angel investment and startup worlds. She founded OSEA Angel Ambassadors in 2017, a women focused angel investment group based at the UCI, University of Irvine, California.

How Angel Investors Help:

Take a deeper dive by modeling scenarios and looking at all of the factors. Determine how how long your runway is, if you're profitable, how much funding is needed to secure or cut back if needed. Figure out who might be in trouble.

Why OSEA is Unique:

The mission is to create more women angel investors. Innovation in the market is important.

What to Prepare for Pitching to Angel Investors:

Be passionate about the problem you're solving. Do your research. Ask yourself, is there a market there? Understand your metrics. Know your numbers.

“There are a lot more venture capital funds being created by women and they want to create innovation and companies that are founded by women.” – Xandra Laskowski

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