Transforming connections into your own powerful mentoring entourage.

HerCsuite™ membership is a game-changer for the way women accelerate results and get business done.

Our Members Are Change Makers Who...

Feel supported navigating change, level up job positions,
land paid board roles, lead authentically and make powerful introductions.

Each of us have felt this…can you relate?  You pushed past self-doubt, (and doubters) persisted to land a promotion or new opportunity. You figured out the answers even when it was hard.  Lifting up others around you, is what you do. And through it all, you ask yourself ‘What if there is more for me?’

What got you here...doesn't mean it has to take you there.

Find out what the buzz is about:

  • Personalized access to peer mentors and advisors.
  • Expanded visibility and personal branding. 
  • Speaking opportunities and paid board roles.
  • Just-in-time coaching solving real-world challenges.
  • Curated information that is relevant, easy to digest and share on any social network.

Introducing HerCsuite™ Online Platform

Are you ready to be a game-changer?
Our membership platform gives you everything you need.

Built like a social network, HerCsuite™ is different from other business platforms (you know the one we are talking about).  It’s an online community of diverse women who want to see each other succeed. 

Now is your time to…

Feel confident in your decisions.  Worry less, sleep more. Say good-bye to ‘networking’ and hello to friendtors (friends with mentoring benefits).

HerCsuite™ is designed for two member levels:

Executive Membership

For Executive Women
Vice President – C Suite -Entrepreneur

Rising Leader Membership

For Professional Women
 Account Executive, Engineers, Scientists, Managers, Directors

“HerCsuite™ is a great platform to build new networking relationships and amp your leadership skills and goals that take aim at the C-suite. It is truly is destination location with webinars, Mastermind circles, on-demand videos, and women who share their experiences and knowledge. I did not know I needed this unique eco-system and I highly recommend HerCsuite™ to executive women seeking the C-suite or beyond.”

 – Ann Carter, Vice President Procurement

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