Authentic Leadership with Anna Maria Chávez

It is a gift when we encounter leaders like Anna Maria Chávez, who inspire us all to level up our dreams and strive to contribute to the greater good. Anna Maria Chávez is Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer at National School Boards Association, an organization with over 90,000 elected school board members. Imagine the magnitude this role has had during the pandemic and she took it on in June 2020! Staying true to who she is as an authentic leader, Anna has led NSBA as she has done so for other organizations, with authenticity and a desire to make an impact. Inspired by her mother who served on the school board, Anna shares how important serving on a school board is in our communities.

We have in our power to create lasting change, and this discussion with host Natalie Benamou and Anna Maria Chávez will inspire you to pay it forward so that the next generation of leaders knows what is possible.


How to Lead Authentically:

  • Stay focused on what’s important.
  • Be a mentor and pay it forward.
  • Leaning in and taking a chance doesn’t have to be starting your own business but it does mean living your authentic self.
  • Leadership is about transformation and innovation.

Thank you to Anna Maria Chávez for this interview, for your leadership at the NSBA and all the ways you are paving the way forward for us all.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Girl Scouts National Council on Aging  Ban Bossy

LinkedIn: Anna Maria Chávez
Website: NSBA


Anna Maria Chávez Executive Director and CEO National School Boards Association


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