EPISODE 170 | JUNE 26, 2024

Heart Care is the New Self-Care with Patty Jassak

Today we are exploring a vital topic about women’s heart health. Natalie Benamou sits down with Patty Jassak, a nurse and expert in medical affairs, patient advocacy, and healthcare improvement. Patty has an extensive career journey in nursing and medical leadership and shares her personal experiences with hypertension. This episode offers invaluable insights and practical advice for women to take control of their heart health.

4 Ways to Make Heart Care A Priority

1. Focus on Your Self-Care: Make time for relaxation, exercise, and proper nutrition. These foundational elements are crucial for maintaining overall well-being and heart health.  

“It's more important than anything else that you take care of you, that you have some time to relax, time to spend alone, time to take a walk, time to exercise, time to eat right.”
-Patty Jassak

2. Recognize and Communicate Symptoms: Understand that symptoms of heart disease in women can be subtle and often misinterpreted as stress or anxiety. Patty emphasizes the importance of proactive health management.

We often dismiss those symptoms until they're flat in your face and you can't ignore them anymore, and that sometimes, unfortunately for some people, can be too late.”
-Patty Jassak

3. Utilize Technology and Resources: Leverage available tools like smartwatches, health apps, and blood pressure monitors to keep track of your heart health. Make use of reputable resources like the American Heart Association for guidance and support. 

“A great resource is the American Heart Association. Discover and evaluate the best treatments.”
– Natalie Benamou

4. Communicating with Healthcare Providers: The more information you can deliver in detail the better the health outcomes.

“Speak to healthcare professionals and describe your symptoms: I've been dizzy, I'm nauseated, my arm has been tingling, I'm having tightness in my chest, I feel like I have acid reflux.”
-Patty Jassak

Important Resource:
Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

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This podcast is sponsored by HER HEALTHX a nonprofit organization focused on quantifying the cost of medical gaslighting to improve health outcomes for women.

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Our Favorite Quotes:

“If we put ourselves last, then the likelihood is that we'll get drained out and we won't be able to take care of others.”
-Patty Jassak

“Health first is a major thing that women need to do. It's more important than anything else that you take care of yourself.”
– Patty Jassak

“You need time to relax, time to spend alone, time to take a walk, time to exercise, time to eat right—time to do all those really good components that make us better as a person and healthier.”
-Patty Jassak



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