Her Health Equity Council

Together We Can Do Big Things

Her Health Equity Council

Together We Can Do Big Things

Her Health Equity Council members believe all women should have equitable access to healthcare and experience optimal health outcomes. 



Bring together patients, caregivers, providers, health systems, industry and healthcare leaders to collaborate and improve women’s access to equitable healthcare.


Women receive prompt access to the right healthcare providers who listen, screen and deliver better and more timely health outcomes. Full consideration for women when innovating, developing and delivering healthcare solutions. Sensitivity for women’s health concerns and greater access to programs at work. Remove bias and change perceptions so that women are seen as equally capable employees. 


Create a Movement where individuals and organizations commit and take the #HerHealthEquityPledge. Members are collaborating inside HerCsuite™ Her Health Equity Council by working together.  Achieving better Health Outcomes, Access to Clinical Trials, and Improving Health Equity in the Workplace is within our reach.

Who We Are

A  Membership Think Tank of passionate women, mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, caregivers, doctors, healthcare leaders, organizations coming together to make healthcare more equitable for all women without exception.

How We Do It

Every month we meet to take measures for autonomy, access to clinical trials, better health outcomes and influencing best practices in the workplace.  We collaborate, make an action plan and implement the steps to make change happen.

Where We Do It

Her Health Equity Council is a virtual program accessible to all regardless of location. We meet in a secure private network hub inside HerCsuite™ platform. It is a safe space where we share ideas, meet, connect and network together.


Inside Our Private Network Hub

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Her Health Equity Council Focus

Inspired by the state of women’s healthcare, we have created these three categories as a catalyst for change.

Improve Health Outcomes

  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Support

Taking Action:

  • Data Research Project on The Cost of Gaslighting

Greater Access to Clinical Trials

  • Making Rare Not Rare
  • Increase Participation
  • Resources

Taking Action:

  • Collaboration to Increase Access to Clinical Trials for Autoimmune Diseases

Best Practices in the Workplace

  • Compasion
  • Understanding
  • Support

Taking Action:

  • Programs supporting Caregivers in the workplace and
    normalizing Women’s Health 

Women's Health Matters

You Deserve Better Health Outcomes

0 %
of women said...

their physician told them that their symptoms were imagined. This is known as Medical Gaslighting

0 %
of women have...

a Greater Risk of Death 5 Years After Their First Heart Attack Compared with Men

0 %
of participants...

in 86 Biomedical Clinical Trials are Women

Multiplier Effect

On Women's Health

0 X

Higher Mortality Rate for Women of Color in Childbirth Compared With White Women

0 X

Higher Mental Illness Diagnosis Compared with Men

0 X

Greater Risk of Lung Cancer for Non-Smokers Compared with Men

We Are Committed To Supporting
Non-Profit Organizations

 A Portion of Every Membership Subscription is donated to Society For Women's Health Research.

Council Co-Chairs

Melanie Neal
Vice President, Global Commercial Excellence

Margaret Price
Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer

Her Health Equity Pledge is For All

Join us as we commit to improving women’s health in the U.S.

Her Health Equity Pledge is For All

Join us as we commit to improving women’s health in the U.S.

How Much Time is Needed?

Monthly programs are 45 minutes and include peer-to-peer networking and action plans for each of the three categories: Outcomes, Access, Best Practices.

Where IMPACT Happens

We are collaborating with leading healthcare organizations and non-profits to gather the data and show how when women are healthy we all do better: personally, communities and in the workplace.

Now Is Your Time

This is a powerful group of TAKE ACTION WOMEN seeking to turn a ripple in the ocean to a tsunami for health equity change.

Join our Movement To Change Women's Health Equity

Find out how you can be part of a Movement For Change

May 15th – 11:30 – 12:30PM CST

Learn about Her Health Equity Council
with Co-Chairs Margaret Price and Melanie Neal.

Join Her Health Equity Council

Take Action with other women members inside HerCsuite™

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