EPISODE 171 | JULY 3, 2024

How Girl Scout Cookies Build Sales Confidence

What if you could turn early childhood experiences into a four-decade career in sales? Join host Natalie Benamou as she sits down with Jean Wright, a seasoned sales professional, who began her journey at the age of 11 selling Girl Scout cookies. Jean is a Sales Confidence Builder and shares how those early lessons in persistence and persuasion laid the foundation for her successful career across various industries. From tackling the nuances of selling services versus products to penning her inspiration-filled book, “Selling Your Confidence: Forging a Successful Sales Career with Mint Cookies to Martinis,” this conversation is packed with insights and inspiration.

Key Takeaways: Unique Strengths Women Bring to Sales:

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence:

  • Women often excel in these areas, making them powerful tools for solving problems and building authentic client relationships.
  • Adept Listening Skills: Effective listening helps understand client needs and fosters trust.

Overcoming Negative Self-Talk: 

  • Confidence plays a crucial role in sales success.
  • Practical Strategies: Jean suggests maintaining a confidence file to bolster self-assurance.

Making Connections and Networking

  • Forming Meaningful Relationships: Building connections can make the sales process more effective and less intimidating.
  • Empowering Ecosystem: Alliances and partnerships, such as those with HerCSuite® and Lioness Magazine, create supportive communities that empower women.
  • Celebrating Supportive Communities: Recognizing and leveraging these networks can inspire others and enhance professional success.

Tune in to celebrate the importance of recognizing and leveraging inherent strengths, building self-confidence, and forming meaningful connections in the sales profession. Discover how supportive communities can help you shine your light brightly and inspire others to do the same.

Our Favorite Quotes:

“Women have that ability to be empathetic, to be emotional, and we're nurturing and we usually have pretty good listening skills.”

“Your network is your net worth; the connections you build are invaluable assets.”

“Listening is not just hearing words, but understanding the emotions and needs behind them.”

Listen to this episode for an inspiring conversation with Jean Wright and learn how to unlock your sales confidence. 


About Jean

Jean Wright is a seasoned sales professional with a four-decade career in various industries including personnel agencies, sports entertainment, business office services, member organizations, and print/digital media. She has earned recognition for exceptional customer service and sales expertise, ascending to management-level positions. Her debut book, “Selling Your Confidence: Forging a Successful Sales Career from Mint Cookies to Martinis,” documents her sales journey, from selling Girl Scout Cookies at age 11 through her adult sales career. Her real-life stories offer valuable insights and practical sales tips for prospecting, networking, and closing deals confidently.



LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jeanwright-confidencebuilder/

Jeans Website: sellingyourconfidence.com/

Instagram: instagram.com/jean.sells.confidence/

Facebook: facebook.com/groups/sellingyourconfidence

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