How to Bold Your Brave with Jen Pestikas

Have you ever limited yourself because of an unconscious belief? Let’s walk and listen to this interview with Jennifer Pestikas, Senior Vice President, Business Development, as she shares her personal journey.

Jennifer invites us to learn her story as an executive, coach, podcaster, and mother. Jennifer has over 20 years experience in financial services and shares her insights and strategies to how she landed a new job while she was 8 months pregnant…and what happened next.

This conversation with host Natalie Benamou and HerCsuite™member, Jennifer Pestikas shows you how to Bold Your Brave.

Getting Started

  • Make time for staying in touch with your network.
  • Be courageous and put yourself out there.
  • Communicate clearly to your boss and organization your career goals and where you want to go in the organization.
  • The Winning Combination · Networking + making your intention known + confidence = success.
  • Believing in yourself, in your abilities is crucial.
  • Embrace a positive mindset.
  • Look for opportunities to be brave and expand your career. Remove Limiting Beliefs
  • Identify the words and phrases like “I can’t get a promotion” or “I can’t get to the next level.”
  • Separate the fearful limiting belief from yourself so you can move forward.
  • Move forward with whatever the limiting belief was trying to keep you from doing.
  • It takes practice to get past those limiting beliefs ingrained in our heads.

“When you hear the voice, hear it and acknowledge it and counter it by saying something like, “thank you for being concerned, but I’m okay.”

-Jennifer Pestikas

Jennifer Pestikas is a HerCsuite™ member, has skills in leadership, strategy, training, coach and podcast host.

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