How to Knock Thoughtfully and Open Doors with Rebecca Otis Leder

Are you ready to learn the secrets to successful professional networking and unlock the doors to exciting career opportunities?

When Rebecca Otis Leder, a digital marketing veteran, discovers the power of cultivating meaningful relationships, she creates The Knock Method, a five-step framework to build high-quality career relationships. She embarks on her journey to unlock mutual value and create impact.

Four Ways You Can Open More Doors:

    1. Research and vet the type of roles, companies, and organizations you and people you would like to meet.
    2. Build mutually valuable relationships.
    3. Shift your focus outward when building meaningful relationships. 
    4. Prepare in advance for networking conversations.  

“The Knock Method is an acronym; the first letter of every step spells out the word Knock. Essentially it is a methodology to build high-quality career relationships, unlock mutual value and create lasting impact.” – Rebecca Otis Leder

Rebecca found success by focusing on mutual value, researching prospective connections, and practicing generosity and gratitude. Her advice for others looking to build meaningful connections is to expose themselves to outside perspectives and customize their applications and communications to the company's challenges.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. In this episode, you will learn the following: 

    1. How to uncover the power of meaningful career relationships through The Knock Method
    2. Other-centeredness: exploring how to shift from self-serving to mutually beneficial communication
    3. Investing in research and outside perspectives to build successful partnerships.


Thank you, Rebecca, for this interview, for being a member of HerCsuite™ community, and special thanks to Melanie Neal, Vice President at Terumo BCT for introducing us and to HerCsuite™ Alliance Partner Bobbie Carlton from Innovation Women.

More about Rebecca Otis Leder

Rebecca Otis Leder is the bestselling author of KNOCK: How to Open Doors and Build Career Relationships that Matter, featuring her original research-backed 5-step framework, The Knock Method, and the founder of the career, talent, and leadership development training firm, Opportunities Knock.

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