Building a More Inclusive Culture with Victoria Pelletier

How does an authentic leader create an inclusive culture? Find out from featured guest Victoria Pelletier, Managing Director at Accenture.

Take a listen to HerCsuite™ Founder and Host Natalie Benamou, MBA (she/hers) and Victoria Pelletier, (she/hers) as they discuss how organizations can Build a More Inclusive Culture.

“If we want to build a more inclusive culture where people feel like they belong, are more engaged, and therefore performing at higher levels, then a big part of that is the time we invest around the people in the business. What do we need to do to make that an element that we measure?  What are we doing to create a more inclusive culture? That should absolutely be a measure of performance beyond the widgets or productivity metrics that need to be produced each year.”– Victoria Pelletier 

3 Ways to Create Flexibility in the Workplace: “There are no schedules only deliverables”

  1. Focus on the end result.
  2. Communicate commitments and meet client needs.
  3. Trust your team to deliver.

ERG Best Practices: “Where there is conviction there is capacity.”

  • Encourage employees to get involved in things they care about.
  • Volunteers are more likely to help when they are aligned with the mission.
  • Make sure there are enough volunteers to help support the ERG.

Victoria Pelletier is a prolific speaker including her program for HerCsuite™ DEI Cross Organization Council.  She shares her personal story and carries so much impact that she leaves her audience breathless and wanting more. By the time Victoria was 24 years old, she was the COO of a multinational corporation. With now 20 plus years in corporate leadership, Victoria's held senior roles in companies such as Accenture, IBM, and American Express. Victoria is a wife, mom, and corporate executive. 

Victoria believes: “We can have it all, as long as we have a life of no excuses.” Victoria proves that it is possible to have a life in which women can succeed as a mom, as a corporate executive, as a spouse, and much more.

Thank you, Victoria, for this interview, for being a member of HerCsuite™ community and special thanks to HerCsuite™ Alliance Partner Bobbie Carlton from Innovation Women.

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