How to Leverage Your Network to Create Business Growth with Dr. Sharon Ayd

Are you looking for ways to expand your network to create growth? Today's guest, Dr. Sharon Ayd, is a Life Science and Management Consultant, Fractional Chief Regulatory Officer for startups and a Non Executive Director and the Founder of Ayd BioPharma Consulting Group LLC. Listen to host Natalie Benamou and Dr. Sharon Ayd as they discuss, “How to Leverage Your Network to Create Business Growth”.

Here are 5 key discoveries in this interview:

  1. Your career path can take many turns, it is all about being open to possibilities.
  2. Believe in yourself and others will too.
  3. Authenticity should be the foundation of how you lead, connect and grow.
  4. Remove any guilt over spending time on your career, network or yourself.
  5. Creating alliances is a powerful way to not only build and expand but also can lead to new opportunities.


Online Event Power Tip

“I will always do a screenshot of everybody that is involved in, even if it's five pages of screenshots. Then I'll make it a point, when I have time, to go look at their profile on LinkedIn and see who they are. If I reach out to connect with them, at least we have something in common, I'll say, Hey, it was nice to see you in the networking session.”

“When you're used to working for a company, working for yourself is a total transition change in your mindset and the ideas or the idea of alliances is something that was born out of absolute necessity. I started networking, and using my network, the power of my network, and I found many very kind people, especially women along the way.” – Dr. Sharon Ayd

Thank you Dr. Sharon Ayd for being a guest on the show! Connect with Dr. Sharon Ayd on LinkedIn and at Ayd BioPharma Consulting Group

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