How to Pay it Forward with Sheryl Chamberlain

Are you ready to feel inspired to pay it forward? You are invited to take a walk and listen to this interview with Sheryl Chamberlain, Board Chair of Empower (Coupa Women’s Program, Director of Alliances Coupa Software and Chair Hult Prize Council. Sheryl shares her insights and experience creating alliances. This conversation with host Natalie Benamou and Sheryl Chamberlain unlocks the power of paying it forward whether we’re 18 or 95.

How to Get Started with Paying it Forward

  • Become an open-ended listener
  • Look for ways to bring people together
  • Put your hand up and never put it down
  • Be open to innovation and new ideas
  • Get outside the four walls of your company
  • Share best practices
  • Be a mentor
  • Master the concept that community is the foundation to creating change

The Hult Prize

  • The Hult Prize foundation brings together students from 3,000 Universities around the world to solve the same problem.The 2021 challenge is about food not only insecurity but what it means to change the way we access food.
  • This project is an example of the ultimate diversity and inclusion of people from different countries coming together to solve a big problem.

Creating an Impact

  • Take your experience and share it with someone else.
  • “It takes one conversation that can create something that's unbelievable that inspires you each and every day and creates the smile that you want to have in life.”-Sheryl Chamberlain


Thank you, Sheryl Chamberlain, for this conversation, your advocacy and starting discussions that create impact and continue to pay it forward.


Sheryl Chamberlain

In addition to her board roles, Sheryl Chamberlain has earned many industry awards and recognition including Tribute to Women, (TWIN), Women in Technology from Dallas Business Journal, and Global Innovation Partner of the Year from EMC. Sheryl leveraged her broad experience in strategic partnerships, business process improvement, SaaS, enterprise software, program management, business development, and solution selling for companies as diverse as Medidata Solutions, Dell EMC, Capgemini, and The Linux Foundation.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Coupa Empower: Creating a Community of Women Program

Hult Prize website

Hult Prize 2021 Challenge (YouTube video)

LinkedIn: Sheryl Chamberlain

Website: Innovation Station blog

Twitter: Sheryl Chamberlain

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