How to Use Empathy and Compassion for Life's Difficult Moments with Deb Skarda

How are you practicing empathy and compassion at work and in your personal life? In today's interview with Deb Skarda, discover “How to Use Empathy and Compassion for Life's Difficult Moments”. Deb brings over 30 years’ experience in healthcare business and people transformation. She has a Thrive Forward coaching and consulting business, and she's passionate about supporting leaders who are striving to create more successful and fulfilled lives.

Take a break today and listen to host Natalie Benamou and Deb Skarda as they discuss  “How to Use Empathy and Compassion for Life's Difficult Moments”.

Why Empathy Matters:

  • Navigate life and relationships in a very intentional, sensitive, and generous way.
  • Gives space to different lives, experiences, and perspectives.

How to be More Empathetic:

  • Stay away from using judgement.
  • Understand how someone is feeling before responding.
  • Communicate your understanding of their feelings.

Be Open-Minded:

  • Discover first what the other person is experiencing before responding.
  • Avoid inserting your own beliefs into the other person's experience.

“Practicing empathy for women in particular, results in connection and trust. And that impacts us from a work perspective because it leads to retention. It boosts productivity, engagement, and innovation, ultimately that all impacts the bottom line.” -Deb Skarda

Thank you to Deb Skarda for being a guest on the show!

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Deb Skarda is a Life and Leadership Coach at Thrive Forward Coaching and a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator.

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