Leading With Courage with Kim “KC” Campbell

Get ready to feel inspired and discover how we can face our fear and step into leading with courage. Today's guest is Kim “KC” Campbell, a recently retired Air Force Colonel, combat fighter pilot, and bestselling author of Flying in the Face of Fear, A Fighter Pilot’s Lessons on Leading with Courage. Kim takes us on an in-depth exploration of her personal leadership journey. From her unwavering commitment starting at age 10 to join the Air Force Academy, to being a senior leader in the military, mom, and inspirational speaker, Kim's story shows true resilience.

Kim goes beyond stories to share how pivotal moments helped form her approach to leadership. Her journey from being an officer to showing how to lead with authenticity makes for an insightful listen. She highlights how she learned to balance her roles as a mom and a leader, and how her commitment to being approachable became key to building trust with her team. 

In her book, Flying in the Face of Fear: A Fighter Pilot’s Lessons on Leading with Courage, the epilogue immediately has the reader captivated with heart racing. We talk about the book and more in this interview.

3 Lessons About Courageous Leadership:

  1. Learn how to use visualization to be prepared for any situation.
  2. Find out strategies of what to do when you experience fear and how to move forward with courage anyway.
  3. Discover how women can overcome challenges working in a male-dominated field and be authentic leaders.

Favorite Quotes:

“I am a firm believer that we never stop learning. You know we always need to find new ways to develop and grow.” – Kim “KC” Campbell

 “It is truly not the fear that matters. It is all about what we do with it. Can we step up and take action in the face of fear? Can we be afraid and do it anyway? It is about having the courage in those moments. That is what matters.” – Kim “KC” Campbell

Whether you're a seasoned leader or just starting on your journey, this conversation with Kim “KC” Campbell is bound to leave you inspired and motivated. Take a listen, and get ready to feel empowered to lead with courage.

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Kim “KC” Campbell served in the Air Force for 24 years as a fighter pilot and senior military leader. She recently retired as a Colonel in the Air Force. She led the Center for Character and Leadership Development at the Air Force Academy and is the author of “Flying in the Face of Fear: A Fighter Pilot’s Lessons on Leadership and Courage”. As a senior military leader, Kim has led hundreds of airmen, both at home and abroad, in deployed locations and enabled them to succeed in their missions. 

Host Natalie Benamou, is a purpose-driven leader helping organizations and women accelerate growth and amplify their impact in advancing women and improving women’s health outcomes.

Thank you Kim “KC” Campbell for inspiring our listeners to lead with courage.


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