How to Say It Shorter with Janine MacLachlan, CEO, Leadership Communications Strategist

Get ready for a masterclass in effective communication with Janine MacLachlan, a woman on a mission to make your ideas heard. In this interview, Janine shares all the secrets to winning buy-in at every level by being succinct and clear in your message. Join host Natalie Benamou and Janine MacLachlan shortcuts to having your ideas moved forward in your organization.

Discover why it is so important to reduce the words and make sure they have impact.  We look at how to test your message with your audience and how anticipating their questions can help shape your narrative. Janine describes exactly what you need to be brief, be bright, and be gone.

3 Strategies to Say It Shorter:

  1. Implement Janine’s H3C formula: Headline, Three Key Points, and Call to Action. It simplifies your message and ensures everyone understands your “ask”.
  2. Think Like an Editor:  You need the most important point at the beginning of any conversation. “If you only remember one thing…
  3. Always start with your audience. What is the one thing they need to know to make a decision?

Favorite Quotes:

“Really zero in and understand who your audience is and what they need it is the best way to serve them.” – Janine MacLachlan

“Avoid pre-apologizing and focus on what's truly important.” – Janine MacLachlan

We wrap this power-packed episode with some common communication pitfalls and how to avoid them like a pro. Janine gives specifics on identifying your mannerisms and how to focus on what's truly important. This episode includes practical advice and strategies to help you become a more effective and confident communicator. Tune in and start your communication transformation today!

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Janine MacLachlan is on a mission to help leaders get their ideas heard. She does individual coaching and consulting, and also conducts workshops to help teams level up their presentation game. Her signature workshop is “Say it Shorter – Break Through the Noise”.

Host Natalie Benamou, is a purpose-driven leader helping organizations and women accelerate growth and amplify their impact in advancing women and improving women’s health outcomes.

Thank you Janine MacLachlan for helping us to say it shorter, and to ‘Be Brief. Be Bright. Be Gone!'


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