The Science of Self-Compassion with Debbie Vyskocil

What if you could be kinder to yourself?  It turns out that there is science behind the messages we tell ourselves.  Does this sound familiar-you encourage others but have trouble being self-compassionate when it comes to your own inner voice? Let’s take a walk with Debbie Vyskocil, neuroscience innovator, leadership coach, and global speaker and change the messages we are telling ourselves. Listen to this conversation with HerCsuite™ Radio host Natalie Benamou and Debbie Vyskocil as they unlock the science behind treating yourself with self-compassion.


Are You Doing This?

  • Setting the bar for yourself, then getting close to it, only to raise it higher?
  • Pushing yourself to be the best at every single thing you do?
  • When you create a to-do list, no matter how many things you complete, your focus is drawn to the uncompleted item?


Start Here:

Write down your strengths, remember that you’ve got special gifts and don’t have to be perfect at everything.

  • What you know is unique and should be shared-others think it is pretty amazing too-let that idea soak in a minute.
  • Think about the negative phrase you beat yourself up with; you may not even be aware of saying it.
  • Once you’re aware of this phrase, replace it with a positive phrase instead.


“You can’t be creative. You can’t be innovative, if you’re beating yourself up, it’s impossible.”-Debbie Vyskocil


Data and Your Brain:

  • Debbie shares how using EEG testing equipment can show what negative self-talk is doing to your brain.


Thank you Debbie Vyskocil for being on the show today! Debbie is also a member of HerCsuite™ and will be speaking August 14th on Speaker Saturday. Find out how you can hear that event for free as a member of HerCsuite™

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Debbie Vyskocil TEDx: Using Science To Take Control of Physical and Emotional Health
Resources mentioned in this episode: The Secret

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