EPISODE 172 | JULY 10, 2024

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back with Cate Hollowitsch

Ready for a transformative conversation on leadership? Cate Hollowitsch, Chief Marketing Officer of Nesnah Ventures, sits down with host Natalie Benamou and explores what it means to take two steps forward and one step back. Together they explore Cate’s multifaceted career journey and the unexpected pitfalls of self-preservation in corporate culture. 

Cate shares how there can be a necessity of job hopping for career advancement, particularly for women in leadership roles.  In this compelling conversation, hear details of her TEDx talk and learn about FEAR Framework for Selfless Leadership.

Discover how letting go of control can supercharge team dynamics and personal growth. Find out why self-awareness and curiosity are absolute game-changers for high achievers and leaders. 

In this engaging discussion, we explore the complexities faced by high achievers in the workplace. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Letting go of control can significantly enhance team dynamics and foster personal growth.
  2. Self-awareness and curiosity are crucial for high achievers and leaders to navigate workplace complexities effectively.
  3. Tailored communication and feedback are essential for managing ambitious and competitive individuals without stifling their potential.


“Job hopping can be a crucial strategy for women aiming for leadership roles.”

“Self-awareness and curiosity are absolute game-changers for high achievers and leaders.”

“The FEAR Framework for Selfless Leadership is about transforming how we lead by prioritizing others.”

“Unexpected pitfalls of self-preservation in corporate culture can hinder true leadership growth.”

About Our Featured Guest

Cate Hollowitsch is the Chief Marketing Officer for Nesnah Ventures. She is a 2024 Titans of Industry for the state of Wisconsin, and TEDx Speaker. She created the F.E.A.R. Framework™ for Selfless Leadership.  She is also the author of Confidence Counts, and Mastering the Game of Office Politics and a professor in digital marketing.



LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/catehollowitsch

Innovation Women Bio: speaker.innovationwomen.com/user/13867

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