Your Path to Purpose with Dr. Alise Cortez

How do you live a life full of meaning and purpose? In today's interview with Dr. Alise Cortez, you will discover “Your Path to Purpose”. Dr. Alise Cortez is an inspirational speaker, social scientist author, and the host of, “Working on Purpose Radio Show”. She is also the author of, “Passionately Striving in ‘Why' – 25 Stories of Women from Around the World”.

Take a break today and listen to host Natalie Benamou and Dr. Alise Cortez as they share all the tips to finding “Your Path to Purpose”.

Passionately Striving in ‘Why':

  • Series of anthologies celebrating women from all over the world.
  • Read stories of women overcoming adversity and impossibility and feel inspired to transform your passion into your ‘why'.

Finding Meaningful Purpose:

  • Do something in your job that’s beyond actually the normal call of duty.
  • Remove your own interests and serve other people.
  • “Tap into resources and a network like, HerCsuite™ to help you. Don't go it alone.”-Dr. Alise Cortez

“Whatever job you're doing, you can find ways to serve other people. Purpose is always about serving other people. It's not about your own interest and what you really love as much as it is helping other people.” -Dr. Alise Cortez

Thank you to Dr. Alise Cortez for being a guest on the show and to, Hope Mueller for introducing us.

Dr. Alise Cortez is the chief purpose officer at Alise Cortez and Associates, a management consulting company. She's also the chief ignition officer at Gusto, now a multi-lingual e-learning platform offering wellbeing and leadership development courses. Learn more about Dr. Alise Cortez and her mission – “Live with Passion, Work on Purpose”

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Natalie Benamou is the Founder of HerCsuite™, an all-in-one membership platform that gives women a mentoring and executive framework to achieve success in every phase of their careers.  Members feel more optimistic, experience greater job satisfaction and have improved work-life balance.  You are invited to Join HerCsuite™ today to and discover how you can advance your career inside a supportive community.  

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