How the second shift gives woman work life balance with Jenny Galluzzo

Are you looking for a way to make your work and life balance during these times of change? In today's interview with Jenny Galluzzo, you will discover “How The Second Shift Gives Women Work-Life Balance”. Jenny is the Co-Founder of The Second Shift and the creator of Let's Be Human (a parenthood and work project).

The Second Shift is an online talent marketplace designed for women just like you.

Take a walk and listen to host Natalie Benamou and Jenny Galluzzo as they share all the details on “How The Second Shift Gives Women Work-Life Balance” especially during these times of change.

The Transformation of Where We Work:

  • Businesses are having to be flexible with the changing needs of employees.
  • Companies want access to high-level employees and consultants are a great solution to fill open positions.
  • There are many different opportunities both immediately and long-term for employers to hire qualified women.

Benefits of The Second Shift:

  • Online marketplace with a vetted network of thousands of women.
  • Easy and simple to use through whatever phase you are in.
  • Good for businesses and for women seeking work that can accommodate their schedule.

“There's a lot of ways to rethink how you hire both immediately and in the long-term as a positive for this moment.” -Jenny Galluzzo Workplace Innovation

Let's Be Human:

  • Changes the way we view parental leave to be seen through a lens of humanity.
  • Breaks down the fourth wall to create more empathy and acceptance in the work place. Thank you to Jenny Galluzzo for being a guest on the show and to Jennifer Justice for the introduction!

Contact: E-mail Jenny Galluzzo at [email protected]

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