How to Have a Go Big Now Mindset with Julia Pimsleur

Do you have a big goal or idea but feel something has been holding you back from accomplishing it?

In today's interview with Julia Pimsleur, you will discover how having a “Go Big Now Mindset” is the key to achieving great success. Julia Pimsleur is the author of Go Big Now and the bestselling book Million Dollar Women. She is a master practitioner and coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the founder of the Million Dollar Women social venture. Pimsleur also built the #1 language teaching company for kids, Little Pim, into a multi-million dollar business. Take a walk and listen to host Natalie Benamou and Julia Pimsleur and find out how you can create your own “Go Big Now” mindset. We all experience thoughts that interrupt our progress to accomplishing our goals.

Julia talks about how starting with “mind the gap is so important. There are 8 Mindset Keys in ‘Go Big Now” here are the two most popular: >> Mind the gap – We need to create a gap between what happened to you and the meaning you make of it. >> Bust your limiting beliefs – breakthrough an unconscious belief you have about yourself that sabotages you, or keeps you from doing the big things you want to do. Mindset has been so important this past year and made a positive difference for so many women. “Having a stronger resilient mindset during the pandemic was the difference between going back to bed and saying, ‘I can't deal with any of this’ or staying motivated, bringing your team along and taking care of your family and helping others.”-Julia Pimsleur Increase Your Brain's Dopamine By Expressing Gratitude >> When we pay it forward and do a kind act, it impacts our own well-being. >> Practice gratitude daily and share 3 things you are grateful for, every day. Julia Pimsleur has a mission to help 1 million female entrepreneurs reach 1 million dollars in revenue. Julia Pimsleur website

Instagram @JuliaPimsleur She has a Million Dollar Women's Fund giving grants to women entrepreneurs of color

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