How to Create a Positive Ripple Effect in the World with Bonni Pomush

Have you ever stopped to think of how you can create more joy and positivity in the world? 
Take a listen as Bonni Pomush and host Natalie Benamou share how Working Wardrobes is doing that every day. Bonni Pomush develops high-performing teams, engages diverse stakeholders, and produces measurable results. Bonni is the new CEO at Working Wardrobes, a workforce development, nonprofit in Santa Ana, California. She brings over 25 years of leadership experience in government and nonprofit agencies. Her research and strengths-based leadership approach has resulted in the national accreditation of centers, turning around budgets from shortfalls to surpluses and retaining high-quality employees by creating and implementing performance. Pay systems in partnership with board members and volunteers. Bonni has secured millions of dollars in funding. Listen to Bonni Pomush in this emotional episode as she shares how you can spread more joy and create a positive ripple effect in the world. How Working Wardrobes is Evolving Through the Pandemic
  • Identify what your team values.
  • Figure out where are the purposeful moments to be together in person.
  • Create opportunities for people to not only be at work but expand beyond that and feel a sense of belonging.
  • What Working Wardrobes is doing to create that positive ripple effect:
  • Give people back their confidence and worthiness through dignity.
  • Follow alongside them on their journey through resume writing to getting jobs and much more.
Finally, the success suit which showcases outwardly the growth they have gone through internally.
“This inspires me because every day, we change one life. We have the power in us to change ourselves, to change each other. And if we embrace that power of one person to make a difference, we never know the ripple effect.”
-Bonni Pomush Find Bonni Pomush | Working Wardrobes
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