Stand Out In A Noisy World with Orly Zeewy

In a world full of noise, how can you stand out?

Take a listen as Orly Zeewy and host Natalie Benamou share how to clearly communicate and reach your target market. Orly Zeewy is an author speaker, brand architect and facilitator of Lightbulb Moments. Her superpower is that she makes fuzzy clear. She has a book, “Ready, Launch, Brand: The lean marketing guide for startups”, and it was published last year by Routledge in May, 2021. And she was on the number one business, new business book release on Amazon in April, 2021. Learn how you can launch a best selling book.
Listen to Orly Zeewy as she shares how you can stand out in a noisy world. Ready Launch Brand: The Lean marketing guide for startups:
  • Designed for founders.
  • Orly unpacks the process of building brands.
  • Exercises at the end of each chapter designed to debunk marketing myths.
  • Teaching readers how marketing is integral to the success of their business.
Who you are from a branding perspective? Ask Yourself:
  • Who do you know who can help?
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What's your value proposition?
  • What is your brand story?
Brand Awareness:
  • Looking behind the brand's identity.
  • Creating content strategy for social media.
  • Using storytelling to turn web traffic into leads.
“It's not about you. Even a personal brand is not really about you. It's about how you help other people.” -Orly Zeewy
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