How to Create Lasting Change with Vanessa Liu

Do you want to feel inspired and create an impact? Let’s take a walk and listen to this interview with Vanessa Liu, Entrepreneur and President of the Harvard University Alumni Association. Vanessa shares stories and strategies on relationship building, starting businesses, and instilling the entrepreneurship mindset for the next generation. This conversation with host Natalie Benamou and Vanessa Liu will help you discover how to create lasting change. 

3 Tips to Starting a Business:

Who is your first customer?

How are you going to attract and retain talent?

What would make people excited about your service or product?

Create Lasting Change:

Look for things that are “ripe for disruption.”

Build upon existing data, models, and connections.

Develop strategies and plans.

Keep an open-mind for new opportunities.

Embrace Change:

Give the next generation the opportunity to pursue entrepreneurship and explore creativity.

Pivoting with change also means utilizing your current relationships.

Some of those relationships may translate to becoming investors.

“Now for me, the whole idea of combating ageism of building products and services that make people embrace and gracefully age is going to be my purpose.” Thank you, Vanessa Liu, for this conversation, your expertise in creating lasting change. Vanessa Liu Vanessa Liu builds upon her career, including launching a digital media venture fund with Andy Russell, overseeing SAP.iO Foundries in North America, and a growth marketing consultant for McKinsey & Company. Vanessa thrives on creating lasting change, impacting every generation, from the elderly to her children and other young people like them. LinkedIn: Vanessa Liu Twitter: @vanessawliu Natalie Benamou is the CEO of HerPower2 Lead and HerCsuite™ an online platform for Executive Women. HerCsuite™ is an online professional platform for executive women, female rising leaders and women’s organizations.

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