Igniting Disruptive Innovation in Your Organization with Robyn Bolton

How can you retain more female talent through innovation? Take a listen to this conversation with Robyn Bolton and host Natalie Benamou, as they discuss what igniting disruptive innovation can do for your organization. Robyn Bolton is the founder and Chief Navigator at Mile Zero, she is a corporate innovation expert, an experienced intrapreneur consultant, speaker, and advisor to leaders working to build companies that repeatedly innovate and grow revenue. Learn how you can retain talent in your organization through innovation.

Listen to Robyn Bolton as she shares key insights to move you and your organization forward. 5 Core Beliefs that Drive Mile Zero:

  • Innovation is something different that creates value
  • Innovation requires curiosity, courage, and commitment
  • Any organization can innovate, and any person can be an innovator
  • People (even your customers and your boss) decide with their hearts and justify with their heads
  • Ideas are a dime a dozen.
  • Decisions are priceless.
  • Action is perfection.

How Executives Can Be More Innovative:

  • Ask employees how they can be more supportive.
  • Understand the need to be flexible.
  • Have empathy and care for employees.

Tips For Getting Support:

  • Make sure there's a clear story to how it will advance the company's goal.
  • Know your audience, and understand what matters to them.
  • Tell them how your idea will help them and they will be likely to help you.

“Innovation at its heart is problem-solving. You recognize a problem and you figure out how to solve it.

That process of problem-solving really starts with empathy. It starts with listening to your customers and, you know, as a team leader, your team are your customers.”

-Robyn Bolton Find Robyn Bolton | Mile Zero | LinkedIn


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