Maximize Your Team Engagement with Lillian Haase

How can you maximize engagement with your team when working remotely? Take a listen to this conversation with Lillian Haase and host Natalie Benamou, as they discuss how you can improve team engagement when everyone is no longer in the office. Lillian Haase is the the Chief Marketing Officer for an SEO company, Search Metrics. Lillian has been working as a Digital Marketer since 2008. She started out as an affiliate marketer then moved on to become a consultant when business owners discovered she could help them ‘get found on the internet’. She progressed to become an Account Manager in two Digital Marketing agencies followed by working as Team Lead in an international PR agency and Head of Marketing for a private University.

Learn how you can maximize your team engagement.

Listen to Lillian Haase as she shares leadership tips to move you and your organization forward. Challenges of transitioning to a remote work environment:

Being on camera all the time is different than attending meetings in person.

It is easy to work more hours because there is no commute.

Trusting that your team will complete their tasks.

It can be harder to see micro signs of body language and expressions while not being in-person.

Book Recommendation: Working Remotely: Secrets to Success for Employees on Distributed Teams by Theresa Douglas 6 Ways to maximize engagement with your team:

Have daily standup meetings early in the morning to get your team on the same page.

Trust that your team is working.

Ask for updates on a regular basis in 1:1 conversations

Keep meetings small, between 5 and 6 people.

Always have an agenda for the meeting and include everyone.

Encourage everyone on your team an opportunity to participate.

“One of the tactics that I've been trying to stick to is not having meetings with too many people. So if you keep the group smaller, say, under five or under six, you can basically see what's going on. And it's easier to have a conversation with all of those people. But once it gets over six, it actually gets quite tricky.” -Lillian Haase Find Lillian Haase | Search Metrics Lillian and Natalie first met at a Wonder Women Dinner through Yao Huang. Thank you Lillian for being a guest on HerCsuite™ Radio! Advance and engage more women in every career phase with HerCsuite™. Powered by HerCsuite™, our facilitated mentoring circles, turnkey speaker events and leadership development circles engage female talent in new ways. Women achieve success inside HerCsuite™ Network Community.

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