Leadership Strategies for Effective Allyship with Rayona Sharpnack

For over 35 years, Rayona Sharpnack, Founder/CEO at Institute for Gender Partnership and Women's Leadership, Inc. has helped 35,000 people and has had a significant impact on Fortune 100 companies. Rayona works closely with organizations like Cardinal Health and leaders like Cardinal Health CEO Mike Kaufmann. She shares how being an Ally can have a lasting impact, when they implement the 3 P's- Push, Promote and Protect.

Listen to this interview with host Natalie Benamou and Rayona Sharpnack as they discuss “Leadership Strategies for Effective Allyship”.

Why Being a Sponsor and Ally is so Important:

>> Having a sponsor, means that person is willing to support and protect their high potential employee.

>> Being an Ally includes letting a female candidate choose if a role is right for them without choosing for them based on assumptions.

>> When there is a reduction in head count, the sponsor is there to protect that person's job.

How to be an Ally:

>> Be Curious and check in. Ask how you can lighten that person's load.

>> Offer to bargain for time off if that is what they need.

“In today's world, allies need to really pour on the attention and have a weekly conversation, be diligent and authentic.”
– Rayona Sharpnack

Resource: “Showing Up How Men Can Become Effective Allies in the Workplace” by Ray Arata. “Ray has been through all the paces of what it takes to be in an organization where there's no awareness all the way up to working with me and Cardinal Health, where there was great awareness and actually Mike Kaufmann is featured in the book.

Thank you Rayona Sharpnack, for your amazing leadership and for being on the show! Find out more at Institute for Women's Leadership

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