Maximizing Career Opportunities with Dr. Jessi Farris

Have you been thinking about making a big career move but weren't sure if it was the right step? Take a listen to host and Founder of HerCsuite™, Natalie Benamou in this conversation with Dr. Jessi Farris, member of HerCsuite™ as they discuss, “Maximizing Career Opportunities”.

Dr. Jessi Farris is the Vice President of Campus Relations and Clinical Recruiting at Heartland Veterinary Partners. She has had a fast-paced career from being a veterinarian, getting her MBA and now being a Vice President. Hear what her journey has been like on the “superhighway to success” (Jen Pestikas, Brave Women at Work quote).

Take a listen and hear advice from Dr. Jessi Farris about why it is important to embrace opportunities. Even if you have invested your time and financial resources in a degree, it doesn't mean that is the only option. Discover how you can stay engaged in your open window zone, and keep flying through to new heights.

How to Embrace Change:

  • Seek opportunities and use a technique called micro-excellence.
  • Improve and optimize in little ways each day.
  • Share and learn better ways to do things along your journey.

3 Ways to Build a Remote Team:

  1. Look for people that will be a good fit for the role.
  2. Give them direction and stay connected in different ways.
  3. Empower the team to take initiatives and step into leadership.

How to Bring Remote Workers Together:

  • Give them more time to share.
  • Create a safe place for people to connect.
  • Include time at the beginning to have a conversation without an agenda.
  • Host an in-person retreat for the team to connect.

How Has HerCsuite™ Helped You?

“I love HerCsuite™ because it connects me to people who are like-minded. We can share what it’s like as women in male-dominated fields, so there’s a lot of themes of commonality and it is really affirming. It’s a community where you can be vulnerable with people that share a common interest of growing individually, but also supporting and rallying around each other. It’s very inspiring and empowering.“- Dr. Jessi Farris

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Credits: Thanks to Julie Deem and the Business Podcast Editor for editing our podcast!

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Natalie Benamou
Founder, CEO 
Herpower2 Lead | HerCsuite™ Platform | HerCsuite™ Radio Podcast Host 

Natalie founded Herpower2, inc. to create products that empower women to make lasting impacts today and into the future. She takes a ‘serve first’ approach to life and has applied this principle throughout her career, serving in leadership positions in business as well as non-profit organizations.

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