How To Own Your Power with Dr. Blair Robinson-Price

Have you ever had self-doubt about a decision? Wondered if you were on the right path? Hesitated, because you didn't have all the boxes checked and missed that perfect opportunity?  Good News! You are not alone. Many of us hear negative voices, believe old stories and question our Why.

Today's guest, Dr. Blair Robinson-Price, Ph.D. CEO, Strategize 4 Success is an Executive Coaching and Career Transition Coaching Leader.  Listen to host Natalie Benamou and Dr. Robinson-Price as they discuss, “How to Own Your Power”.  

Dr. Blair has all the strategies you need to move from stopped to unstoppable. 


Steps to Become Recognized for Your Work:

  1. Be your own champion.
  2. Take a look at your position description and align the work that you're currently doing with the actual tasks and responsibilities that you have.
  3. Be aware of how you show up in the light of what you're doing, really showcase your efforts.
  4. Get some feedback on where you are.
  5. Own the opportunity.


Begin Owning Your Power:

  • Recognize your strengths by finding 2-5 things you do well.
  • Share your strengths with leadership


“I encourage women to watch their self-talk. Watch the thing that you're saying to yourself on a daily basis, really focusing on your can-do attitude rather than I can't do, or I'm afraid to, or I'm not a good fit. What are you saying to yourself on a consistent basis? Do you believe in yourself? That's a big piece of it. Are you exercising belief in yourself? For me personally, I use affirmation statements. I say affirmation statements to myself on a daily basis. I can do this. I am more than capable.”

 –Dr. Blair Robinson-Price

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