Reimagining the Future of Events with Naomi Kent and Natalie Benamou

When was the last time you attended an event and left feeling ready to take action? One thing we have all experienced is that events have changed dramatically over the past 2 years.  Take a listen to this interview by Naomi Kent, HerCsuite™ Boards Chair as she interviews host and Founder of HerCsuite™ about Reimagining the Future of Events.

Naomi Kent is a Board Director, Startup Leader and has vast knowledge about leading thousands of events. Listen now as she interviews Natalie Benamou, Founder of HerCsuite™ and host of HerCsuite Radio as they discuss the future of events and how to add value to the attendee experience and the company's business goals.

How to Deliver Exceptional Experiences:

  • Attendees crave interaction, not in Q & A but in peer-to-peer conversations
  • Interaction beyond Q&A Hybrid approach to having in and out of person events.

3 Ways to Make Your Next Speaker Program More Engaging: 

  1. Choose the right speakers who will deliver content people want to hear
  2. Integrate facilitated breakout session with outputs that tie to the business and growth of the organization
  3. Include peer-to-peer interaction where colleagues learn from each other

Five Trending Speaker Topics Available Virtually, Hybrid and In-Person:

  1. Innovating Into the Future
  2. Culture Agility
  3. Employee Engagement and Executive Development
  4. Outperforming Disruption
  5. DEI as an Integrated Strategy Aligned to Mission, Vision, Values and Culture

“Attendees want a different experience at an event. Businesses want their employees and customers to feel a part of it. Everyone wants to interact more than just a Q&A session. They also want to have a hybrid accessibility”.- Natalie Benamou

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Thank you Naomi Kent for being a valued advisor and member of HerCsuite™ and for interviewing Natalie Benamou on HerCsuite™ Radio!  

Are you feeling overwhelmed? After 29 years in the event industry, Founder Natalie Benamou created HerCsuite™ to support women in every phase of their careers and in particular in the planning and executing speaker events.  As the 5th most stressful job, event planners are often under resourced especially if they are responsible for multiple roles across the organization.  

Simplify your speaker events and a demo to learn about elevating your speaker program to the next level.  You Belong Here.

Natalie Benamou is the Founder of HerCsuite™.  Natalie is a speaker, podcast host and guest, board advisor and CEO of HerPower2, Inc.  Reach out if you would like her to speak or be on this podcast at [email protected].

LinkedIn: Natalie Benamou | HerPower2 Lead | HerCsuite™

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Credits: Thanks to Julie Deem and the Business Podcast Editor for editing our podcast!


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Natalie Benamou
Founder, CEO 
Herpower2 Lead | HerCsuite™ Platform | HerCsuite™ Radio Podcast Host 

Natalie founded Herpower2 Lead to create products that empower women to make lasting impacts today and into the future. She takes a ‘serve first’ approach to life and has applied this principle throughout her career, serving in leadership positions in business as well as non-profit organizations.

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