Servant Leadership: Making an Impact with Julie Deem

Can one woman really make a difference or broader can one person really make a difference today? Take a listen as Julie Deem and host Natalie Benamou talk about the recent flood disaster in Kentucky.

Julie is an entrepreneur, owning two businesses, Greater Kokomo Massage Studio and The Business Podcast Editor. She's also the podcast host of United State of Women and our podcast editor! Today we're talking about how she and her family made a huge difference in Kentucky.

Find out how Julie Deem does it all while raising two young girls!!

Why Kentucky:

Breathitt County, Kentucky was hit with what was described as a, “once in a millennia flood” this summer which completely devastated the region. This community was still rebuilding from a flood that was described as a, “once in a hundred year flood” less than 16 months ago. The area is located in the southeast part of Kentucky in Appalachia and is one of the poorest areas in the United States.

How you can help during a natural disaster:

Pray for the people in the devastated communities. Donate money and resources to help families rebuild. Volunteer your time and skills to work on projects.

“When it comes to working and volunteering or just showing up in life, you can be the person that thinks there's no work to do and stand around and wander and then come home with the experience of, “Well, I came, I saw. Didn't get what's done, but, hey, I did my part.” Or you can be the person that takes initiative and sees where you can help to make things better.” -Julie Deem

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