How to Launch a Best Selling Book with Jen Pesktikas

Have you been curious about what it takes to launch a best-selling book? Take a listen to this conversation with Jen Pestikas and host Natalie Benamou, as they discuss all the steps to launching a best selling book.
Jen Pestikas is a Senior Vice President at a large organization and also the President, and Founder of Brave Women at Work, and host of the Brave Women at Work Podcast. Jen is a member of HerCsuite™ and this spotlight episode will celebrate this huge accomplishment.
Jen Pestikas shares helpful tips to take your book to the best selling list.
6 Key Steps to Launching a Best Selling Book:
  • Decide that you are going to write a book.
  • Find the right publisher.
  • Promote the launch date of your book.
  • Ask your network to share the launch date.
  • Create a special offer to buy your book on launch day.
  • When people buy your book on launch day, it will trigger the algorithm for the number one book on Amazon.
The Secret to Doing a Collaborative Book:
  • Use the power of connections.
  • Invite people to be an author in your book.
  • Promote in groups and forums.
HerCsuite™ The Power of the Right Network
  • You gain outside perspective and are personally mixed with diverse leaders.
  • There is an opportunity to meet exceptional women-I met Hope Mueller, who is publishing the book through HerCsuite™.
  • Every month there is an outside speaker who shares insights before we meet to kickstart the conversation.
  • There is an App and easy-to-access online platform that gives you everything you need in one place.
What would a perfect launch date look like?
It would feel like Christmas morning, the first day of school with butterflies in your stomach. Setting an example for my two daughters to know that they can do anything they set their minds to do.
“If you want to write a book, I'm just here to tell you that you can do it in whatever you want to do. You can do it just, it takes those little steps and that discipline to get you there.”
–   Jen Pestikas
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Natalie founded Herpower2 Lead to create products that empower women to make lasting impacts today and into the future. She takes a ‘serve first’ approach to life and has applied this principle throughout her career, serving in leadership positions in business as well as non-profit organizations.

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