EPISODE 137 | NOVEMBER 8, 2023

Amplifying an Abundance Mindset to Grow Your Business

How can you amplify your results and double or even 3x your business success?  We sat down with Theresia Intag, the innovative Founder and CEO of Intag Hire and Co-Founder of Tag4Hire to find out her secret to success. Theresia’s story is valuable for aspiring entrepreneurs, seasoned business owners, or anyone navigating the corporate world.

Theresia discovered that her initial scarcity mindset, rooted in her upbringing, became a barrier to her business growth. She realized that being scrappy and self-sufficient, while valuable traits, were preventing her from asking for help and relying on others. Theresia confronted this challenge by reflecting on the root of her scarcity mindset and started to think differently. 

She began to ask herself, “What would it look like if I had everything?” This question allowed her to plan towards an abundance mindset. She discovered that the more she asked questions and sought advice, the more she moved away from scarcity thinking and towards an abundance mindset.

This transition did not happen overnight. It required her to shift her focus from being self-sufficient to seeking help from others. She had to accept that it was okay to ask questions and to admit when she didn't know something. The more she did this, the more she realized that many people didn't know everything and that it was okay to learn from others.

Moreover, Theresia found that every time she hired someone, it added to her business growth. It allowed her to focus on her strengths and skillsets. The more she did this, the more she discovered her “wheelhouse” – areas where she excelled and brought the most value to her business.

In essence, Theresia’s journey teaches us that an abundant mindset isn't just about believing there is more than enough. It's also about recognizing our limitations, asking for help when we need it, and continually learning and growing. As she aptly puts it, “Every time imposter syndrome bubbles up, it means I'm about to stretch again. It's almost becoming a sign that it's kind of positive in a way.”

As we navigate the challenges of our personal and professional lives, Theresia's experiences remind us of the importance of adopting an abundant mindset. This mindset allows us to recognize our strengths, ask for help when needed, and continually grow and learn. In doing so, we create a more balanced and mentally healthy environment for ourselves and those around us.

About Thereisa Intag

Theresia Intag, founder of IntagHire, co-founder of Tag4HR, has deep experience in Human Resources. Theresia has worked with amazing brands from tech giants to startups. Theresia values innovation, flexibility for life’s challenges, and creating human spaces in business. Theresia’s a 2023 Impact Award finalist for Vistage, a global CEO network.

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