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For Women Leaders On The Move

HerCsuite™ Radio For Women Leaders On The Move… is a show to help you with all aspects of your work-life with the added benefit of wellness - by taking a walk with us every Wednesday!
You may be thinking: “I don’t have time to even eat my lunch, let alone take a walk!”  It is time to disrupt the idea that your career and your health are separate—they need to be combined into one. Ready to get advice while you take a break? Walk With Us!

This week on the Podcast!

HerCsuite™ Radio is sponsored by Aaptiv, an exercise and wellness app with over 4,000 audio and video workouts.  Listeners can try it out for 30 Days for FREE!  Members of HerCsuite™ receive 75% off the annual membership fee!

Advancing Women in the Workplace with Holly Corbett

How can we support women in the workplace? Today’s guest, Holly Corbett is Director of Content at Consciously Unbiased. Holly Corbett is fueling inclusion through storytelling to …

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How to Lead Authentically with Tosca DiMatteo

Are you leading with a spirit of authenticity? Today’s guest, Tosca DiMatteo is the founder of Tosca Coaching and Consulting. She’s a career transformation coach and …

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How to Recommit to Work-Life Joy with Dr. Tracy Brower

Do you experience joy in your work-life?  Now is the perfect time to recommit to happiness in your career. Today’s guest, Dr. Tracy Brower is a PhD …

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How To Own Your Power with Dr. Blair Robinson-Price

Have you ever had self-doubt about a decision? Wondered if you were on the right path? Hesitated, because you didn’t have all the boxes checked …

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How to Leverage Your Network to Create Business Growth with Dr. Sharon Ayd

Are you looking for ways to expand your network to create growth? Today’s guest, Dr. Sharon Ayd, is a Life Science and Management Consultant, Fractional …

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What is Your Money Story?

Do you know your money story? Find out how you can transform your financial dialogue in today’s HerCsuite™ podcast interview with Morgan Newman. Morgan is …

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The Power of an Ecosystem with Kathleen Warner

Have you ever considered how an ecosystem can help you grow?   Today’s guest, Kathleen Warner is an entrepreneurial, mission-driven leader who clears paths, cultivates relationships …

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Hi! I’m Natalie Benamou HerCsuite™ Radio host. 

 After speaking with many women over the past year,  I was inspired to launch my second podcast and share information that will lift women up during your busy schedules.  I am so excited to share insights from leaders across industries to help you find balance and most importantly take 15 minutes for yourself to feel inspired.  Have a favorite episode?  Share it with a friend or colleague today.