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HerCsuite™ Radio For Women Leaders On The Move… is a show to help you with all aspects of your work-life and we invite you to take a break and feel inspired!
You may be thinking: “I don’t have time to even eat my lunch, let alone take a break!”  Take us along with you on walks, drives or whenever you are on the move. Ready to get advice while you take a break? Listen today.

This week on the Podcast!

Hi! I’m Natalie Benamou HerCsuite™ Radio host. 

 After speaking with many women at the start of the pandemic, I was inspired to launch my second podcast and share information that will lift women up during your busy schedules.  I am so excited to share insights from leaders across industries to help you find balance and most importantly take time for yourself to feel inspired.  Have a favorite episode?  Share it with a friend or colleague today.

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7 Leadership Values To Advance Your Career With Ilhiana Rojas Saldana

Not everyone pauses to think about leadership values. But these are essential when trying to build high-performing teams. Understanding our leadership values is a two-step process. We need to understand ourselves first and then understand what makes the people we’re leading tick. If you’re looking to advance your career, whether in corporate or as an entrepreneur, you’re going to want to jump in on this conversation. Join in as Ilhiana Rojas Saldana, an executive and leadership coach, discusses the 7 essential leadership values and how essential they are in career growth. She emphasizes the need for leaders to understand what motivates them so they can leverage that to unlock top performance. She also shares a bit about her journey and how it allowed her to understand what her values are and what she can best do to stay true to them. Join in and learn more!

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HCS 103 | Make Meetings Better

3 Ways To Make Meetings Better With Laurie Wessels, HerCsuite™ Mentoring Chair And Executive Coach

If you have been wanting to get time back in your day, make meetings more productive and make decisions this conversation is the perfect way to get started. Laurie shares three ways to make meetings better. It all starts with understanding our values and what matters most.

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Her Health Equity Matters with Dr. Nicole T. Rochester

Dr. Nicole Rochester, founder of Your GPS Doc, shares how she is advocating for greater health equity and better healthcare outcomes for every patient.

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HCS 101 | Diversity Equity And Inclusion

Kindness Is A Key Component To Inclusion With Raquel Daniels, Vice President And Chief Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Officer

Leaders of Diversity Equity and Inclusion and employees together can contribute to creating an inclusive culture and it all starts with being kind to others. In this interview with Raquel Daniels, Vice President and Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion officer at HCSC talks with host Natalie Benamou about her career journey and making an impact.

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Imagining The Future With Hope With Roz Usheroff And Natalie Benamou

We are celebrating a milestone today – this is HerCSuite Radio’s 100th episode! Tune in to this hopeful conversation about imagining the future for the better with Roz Usheroff and Natalie Benamou. They discuss how the HerCSuite’s community continues to bring women from all walks of life together and help them have health equity. Nathalie opens up on why she decided to create this sisterhood of remarkable women to make sure their voices are heard and not as blindsided by society. She also discusses why leaders who admit their vulnerabilities is one giant move towards building a productive team.

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HCS 99 | Inclusive Organizations

Creating Inclusive Organizations Through Effective Leadership And Culture With Gena Cox, Ph.D.

There are many conversations about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and this discussion takes a look at the actions leaders take to create meaningful change.

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HCS 98 | Archives

We Are Women Who Change History With Dominique Luster

Can you name all four of your grandmothers? How about all eight of your great-grandmothers? It gets more difficult as you move up the family tree, and it’s more challenging with women, whose names are changed in public records.

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How to Knock Thoughtfully and Open Doors with Rebecca Otis Leder

When Rebecca Otis Leder, a digital marketing veteran, discovers the power of cultivating meaningful relationships, she creates The Knock Method, a five-step framework to build high-quality career relationships. She embarks on her journey to unlock mutual value and create impact.

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Building a More Inclusive Culture with Victoria Pelletier

How does an authentic leader create an inclusive culture? Find out from featured guest Victoria Pelletier, Managing Director at Accenture. Take a listen to HerCsuite™ Founder and Host Natalie Benamou, MBA (she/hers) and Victoria Pelletier, (she/hers) as they discuss how organizations can Build a More Inclusive Culture.

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The Future of Work with Kathy Relias

Have you been thinking about the future and what it looks like for your organization and your workforce? Today’s guest is Kathy Relias, Vice President at Escalent, a human behavior and analytics firm, and is focused on building the life sciences business. 

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