EPISODE 123 | AUGUST 2, 2023

How to Decide What’s NEXT with Michelle Kois, HerCsuite™ Member

Have you been curious how to navigate a career transition or move beyond a corporate role into something new? Discover how Michelle Kois, President M Kois Consulting, and HerCsuite™ member, describes the arc of her career. Find out how Michelle worked in key healthcare roles and how she leveraged her expertise across organizations. Michelle talks with host Natalie Benamou about all the details of making the decision to leave her agency position and how she was determined to find What’s NEXT.

In this episode, we explore healthcare careers, launching drugs, and how Michelle helped organizations, on the ‘client side’ and agencies navigate the complexities of receiving FDA approval.

Tune in for Michelle Kois’ inspiring story about growth, balance, and resilience in her career and life journey.

3 Ways to Evaluate What’s Next:

1. Understanding your strengths and interests will help you navigate your career.

2. It is important to take time to reflect, then choose a date and stick to that plan to see real change happen.

3. Surround yourself with smart and interesting people who will guide your choices and act as cheerleaders along the way. Michelle has found value in the NEXT mastermind circle where she took the leap and is in good company with like-minded women.

Additional Insights:

Michelle shares a profound realization about work-life balance that led her to take this summer off to reflect and re-evaluate her future. She highlights the importance of balance in the entrepreneurial journey and how invaluable time to be creative and find enjoyment can be for you and your business. Michelle also offers a glimpse into her future plans, including the launch of her website, services, and offerings, that leverage her extensive healthcare background.

Michelle shares how the NEXT leadership development circle helped her navigate this new phase in her life.

3 Favorite Quotes:

1. “HerCsuite™ was an eye-opening experience for me. It showed me that I'm not alone in this journey. It's a network of seasoned professionals who are either going through a similar journey or have successfully navigated through it. This realization was very enlightening and empowering.”

2. “Leaving my company was a decision marked by the need for a change and a more balanced life. I was in the middle of a project when it hit me – it was time for me to do something else. This was my last frontier in bringing work-life balance into my life.”

3. “In the healthcare sector, you have to synthesize a lot of information and acronyms. It's a complex ecosystem but being exposed to all these intricacies, I've been able to understand how it all fits together. My experience has allowed me to help others understand this industry better.”

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About Our Featured Guest:
Michelle Kois
President, M Kois Consulting

Michelle is an experienced biopharma brand marketer, marketing advisory partner, and market access expert with 25 years of experience. She has a unique perspective in applying strategic inputs to build brand plans, implement core marketing activities, and define/measure key performance metrics. Michelle is also an effective healthcare value chain expert skilled in communicating complex concepts across disciplines and functions to ensure understanding, alignment, and successful execution.

Prior to founding M Kois Consulting in early 2023, Michelle was at Real Chemistry, Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA, The Access Group, and other healthcare organizations over the span of her amazing career.

Thank you Michelle Kois for being a valued member of HerCsuite™ and a big thanks to Lisa Chengary for introducing us!

Keep shining your light. The World Needs You.

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