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HerCsuite™ Radio For Women Leaders On The Move… is a show to help you with all aspects of your work-life with the added benefit of wellness - by taking a walk with us every Wednesday!
You may be thinking: “I don’t have time to even eat my lunch, let alone take a walk!”  It is time to disrupt the idea that your career and your health are separate—they need to be combined into one. Ready to get advice while you take a break? Walk With Us!

This week on the Podcast!

HerCsuite™ Radio is sponsored by Aaptiv, an exercise and wellness app with over 4,000 audio and video workouts.  Listeners can try it out for 30 Days for FREE!  Members of HerCsuite™ receive 75% off the annual membership fee!

Everything You Wanted to Know about Procurement but Were Afraid to Ask with Ann Carter

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How to Have A Diverse and Inclusive Work Environment with Veronica Appleton

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How to Use Empathy and Compassion for Life’s Difficult Moments with Deb Skarda

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Turn Mentoring Into Your Super Power

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Your Path to Purpose with Dr. Alise Cortez

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The Exponential Power of Recognition with Sarah McVanel

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How the second shift gives woman work life balance with Jenny Galluzzo

Are you looking for a way to make your work and life balance during these times of change? In today’s interview with Jenny Galluzzo, you …

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Hi! I’m Natalie Benamou HerCsuite™ Radio host. 

 After speaking with many women over the past year,  I was inspired to launch my second podcast and share information that will lift women up during your busy schedules.  I am so excited to share insights from leaders across industries to help you find balance and most importantly take 15 minutes for yourself to feel inspired.  Have a favorite episode?  Share it with a friend or colleague today.