EPISODE 146 | JANUARY 10, 2024

Securing Your Brand So It Doesn’t Get Stolen with Erica Allen, Managing Attorney, DiAngelo Law

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner? Then this episode of HerCsuite® Radio is a must-listen for you. Join us as we sit down with Erica Allen, Managing Attorney at DiAngelo Law, to uncover the critical steps you need to take to protect your brand from intellectual property theft.

In this episode, Erica brings her expertise in trademarks and intellectual property to the table, offering actionable advice on how to fortify your business. Learn the significance of aligning your business with its core values and discover the journey of HerCsuite® success.

Five Key Takeaways.

  1. Discover proactive measures for securing your venture against IP theft.
  2. Hear about insights into the trademark application process and understanding the difference between TM and R symbols.
  3. Learn strategies for a formidable IP portfolio that supports licensing and collaborations.
  4. Find out about the nuances of online retail and trademark classes for e-commerce entrepreneurs.
  5. Why owning a URL does not mean you own the name for your business.

An Insider Look at Trademarks

  • Protecting Your Business From IP Theft: Erica shares her journey from litigation to empowering businesses through proactive IP strategies.
  • Key Considerations for Trademark Protection: Learn the true ownership and rights that come from trademark registration and how to leverage it as an asset.
  • Understanding Online Retail and Trademark Documentation: Erica explains the international class system and the importance of documenting first public use.

Favorite Quotes

“Trademark registration is the real way to secure your rights to a name. Owning a domain name or forming an LLC doesn't give you the protection that a registered trademark can.”


“A common misconception is that having a URL means you have ownership rights, but the true power lies within a registered trademark, which is a form of protection and a valuable business asset.”

“It's not just about protecting your intellectual property; it's also about leveraging it. A registered trademark can open doors to licensing, collaborations, and other opportunities to expand your business.”

Don't miss Erica's expert advice on navigating the complexities of trademark protection and how to ensure your business stands strong against potential threats. Tune in now to gain invaluable knowledge and tools that could save your brand from being compromised

About Erica Allen

Combination of legal nerd and creative entrepreneur, Erica merged her passion with her legal skillset to form DiAngelo Law in 2015, a virtual trademark law firm serving businesses around the world. It’s Erica’s goal to help bring visionary dreams to life by empowering others to start, protect and grow their businesses, while staying focused on their own zones of genius and aligned with their goals.

Thank you Erica Allen for being a featured guest and for being a member of HerCsuite® Entrepreneur Mastermind! Special thanks to Lori Harris, HerCsuite® Entrepreneur Mastermind Chair!

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