EPISODE 125 | AUGUST 16, 2023

The Power In Her Vote with Ashley Kindsvatter and Sara Petrie, Co-Founders and Co-Hosts, United SHE Stands podcast

What happens when two women decide to learn about politics?  Here is the best part of this interview, “you don’t have to know anything to get started”.  Today on HerCsuite™ Radio, we have a doubleheader with guests Ashley Kindsvatter and  Sara Petrie, Co-Founders and Co-Hosts, United SHE Stands podcast.

They share the arc of their careers, what drew them together, why Ashely tapped Sara on the shoulder (spoiler alert it wasn’t what she expected), and more.

Feel uplifted, inspired and know that there is power in your one vote.

Episode Highlights: 

  1. What inspired Ashley and Sara to start United SHE Stands
  2. Lessons learned about grassroots and the power of learning
  3. The power of “bringing kindness and women into politics”
  4. The election results from August 8th, the date this podcast was recorded- Vote NO won!
  5. Why your vote matters and how you can make a difference by having a conversation.

3 Episode Quotes:

1. “The gaps really exist in our knowledge and in our confidence. We know women are less likely to participate than men in conversations, advocacy or even running for office when they feel like they are not informed enough.” – Ashley Kindsvatter

2. “I learned how just an average Joe or an average Jane can really make a difference.  Even though I started in my mid-twenties to learn about what’s happening in the government. I feel I am so capable of learning what’s going on and making a difference by using my voice”. – Sara Petrie

3. “I think people are understanding that voting really matters. Especially for young people.  We’re going to be in this world a little longer and we want to create a world that we want to live in and we’re proud to live in.” – Sara Petrie


Join us on August 25th for a Live session with Ashley and Sara as we celebrate the Power In Her Vote, Women’s Equality Day. Register here

About Ashley and Sara:

Ashley Kindsvatter & Sara Petrie are the Co-Founders and Co-Hosts of the United SHE Stands podcast, a show dedicated to bringing kindness and women into politics.   

Ashley has always had a passion for leadership and politics.  She has undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Computer Science and a Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership.  Although she has spent her career not engaged in politics and instead as an IT Professional in the data and analytics space, she knew she wanted to get involved and make an impact. 

Sara has a passion for kindness and lifting others up. She has a degree in Management Information Systems and Business Analytics. While Sara was not interested in politics at all until 2020, she knew even before starting her IT career that she wanted to help others more directly and make a positive impact on the world around her. She didn't find anything that could scratch that itch until she was approached about starting the United SHE Stands podcast to educate and inspire women to get more involved in politics.

To get involved and make an impact, Ashley and Sara knew they had to engage and get informed.  They co-founded the United SHE Stands podcast in 2022 to bring other women along on their journey, so they too could get informed and feel empowered in politics.

Host Natalie Benamou, helps individuals and organizations gain visibility, clarity, and achieve measurable results through blue ocean strategies. Natalie is a speaker and impact entrepreneur making a difference with HER Health Equity Council and HerCsuite™ Women’s Growth Network. 

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