EPISODE 163 | MAY 8, 2024

Bridging the Gap Between Knowing and Doing with Dr. Margie Oleson, CEO, Founder, Oleson Consulting LLC.

We explore the intersection of knowledge and action with the insightful Dr. Margie Oleson. Take a listen to host Natalie Benamou and Dr. Oleson as she shares secrets of turning knowledge into meaningful deeds. Dr. Oleson, a renowned expert in applied psychology and behavioral science, will be our guide as we navigate the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it.

Get ready to discover practical strategies, actionable insights, and inspiring stories that will empower you to bridge the divide between knowledge and action.

3 Key Points

  1. Understand the Knowing-Doing Gap: Dr. Oleson explains details behind why we often struggle to translate knowledge into action. From cognitive biases to environmental influences, uncover the barriers that hinder our ability to apply what we know.
  2. Strategies for Implementation: Explore evidence-based techniques and behavioral strategies that facilitate effective action. Learn how to overcome procrastination, cultivate habits, and design environments that promote consistent follow-through.
  3. Harnessing Motivation and Willpower: Discover the secrets to sustaining motivation and bolstering willpower. Dr. Oleson shares insights on tapping into intrinsic drivers, setting compelling goals, and fostering resilience in the face of challenges.

Favorite Quotes

“I've seen countless individuals who possess vast knowledge but struggle to translate it into tangible action. Understanding this gap is the first step towards bridging it.” – Dr. Margie Oleson

“Action doesn't always require monumental efforts; sometimes, it's the small, consistent steps that lead to significant change.” – Dr. Margie Oleson

“By aligning our actions with our values and aspirations, we can ignite a powerful sense of purpose that propels us forward.” – Dr. Margie Oleson

Thank you Dr. Oleson for being on the show today and a special thank you to Anastasia Lipske, Founder of Access Speakers, who connected us. Both Dr. Margie Oleson and Anastasia are members of HerCsuite® and we come full circle on our ecosystem with the original introduction from Bobbie Carlton, Founder of Innovation Women.

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About Dr Margie Oleson

Dr. Oleson recognizes that companies aren’t set up to develop leaders or to help them adopt the right leadership skills and behaviors. Leaders are left to ‘make it up as they go along’ and are mostly learning from past leaders… who were left on their own as well. Margie trains leaders and their leadership teams to build and maintain shared clarity, align to ensure all boats are rowing in the same direction, and develop habits and norms for leading high-performing meetings and being comfortable talking openly about behaviors / needs / status.



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