EPISODE 162 | MAY 1, 2024

How Human Connections Transform Teams with Kendall Wallace, Founder & Lead Facilitator, Executive Offsites

How can we design experiences that help people have better human experiences?

In this enlightening episode host Natalie Benamou welcomes Kendall Wallace, an expert in creating transformative experiences for workplace teams. Together, they delve into the importance of authentic human connections in fostering a positive and productive work environment. Kendall shares insights from her diverse career journey, from traveling the world to working in tech and facilitating team off-sites that foster deep, meaningful interactions. 

This conversation is a must-listen for anyone interested in enhancing team dynamics and resolving interpersonal challenges in today’s often remote work landscape.

Key Points Discussed:

  1. Invest in Human Experiences: There is a need for designing authentic experiences to help team members develop empathy and strengthen bonds.
  2. Create positive Team Dynamics: When teams are immersed in beautiful environments, like Hawaii, can enhance team retreats, making them more effective in building connections and resolving conflicts.
  3. Leverage the Power of Awe in Retreats: Using  awe-inspiring settings in team retreats can significantly boost morale and cooperation among team members, drawing on natural beauty to enhance psychological well-being and team cohesion.
  4. Facilitated Conversations in Conflict Resolution: Open conversations during team retreats, allow for honest exchanges and help in addressing underlying tensions, thereby improving long-term team collaboration.

Memorable Quotes from Kendall Wallace:

 “If we want people to care about each other, we actually have to design experiences for people to do that.”

“It hits different when you have an experience where people are being able to be outside, benefit from the serotonin and oxytocin that's being hit from a magical experience.”

 “People don't leave teams if they're feeling seen, valued, and heard.”

“We are humans living a human experience.”

“There is a power of awe and nature does it all on its own.”

Kendall Wallace’s insights provide invaluable guidance on how to navigate and enhance the human aspects of working in teams in all work settings. Her approach combines empathy with strategic experience design to foster workplace environments where people feel connected and valued, paving the way for both personal and organizational growth.

About Kendall

Kendall Wallace is a master at creating meaningful experiences that make you feel more alive, connected with yourself, with nature, and with one another. She creates movie-like magical moments not on a screen but in real life.

After reading Eat, Pray, Love, she traveled the world by herself for 2 years. 

For the past decade, she has thrown herself into personal growth. She went from waitressing to creating a thriving career in tech at Meta before it abruptly came to an end. Now, she designs bucket list corporate offsites that not only create magical experiences, but also create safety and honesty in the workplace.  Having helped over 1,000 people across 75 groups in improving communication, uncovering blind spots, minimizing recovery time between breakdowns, defining work-life balance and making decisions more in alignment with what moves them in order to become highly effective communicators & happier people.

In addition, she is an EFT practitioner and uses this in her coaching, helping people psychologically reprogram their subconscious.

She now lives in the North Shore of Oahu, having been inspired to improve her surf skills and live her Blue Crush dreams. She also leads a monthly dinner club as well as a monthly entrepreneur circle.



LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kendall-wallace/

Website: www.executiveoffsites.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kendall.wallace123

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/corporateoffsites/  https://www.instagram.com/kendallwallace123


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